Agoda Ngapali Beach Myanmar

Ngapali Agoda Beach Myanmar

A Ngapali bestseller! Class/star list of hotels in Ngapali Beach, Myanmar. Class/star list of hotels in Ngapali Beach, Myanmar. Locate cheap hotels, cheap hotels in Myanmar. Astonishing Ngapali Resort - Ngapali.

MYANMAAR Hotels & Prepaid Agoda Vouchers - Myanmar Forum

I' d like to give them my pre-paid Agoda coupon at the bar inspection they know what it is. i find it easy to plan my monies, knowing that accomodation is already taken away. Enter Agoda in the above text box for many topics of this firm, mostly positively.

A few had difficulty check-in at a nearby resort with a coupon (why on earth didn't they confirm their arrivals directly with the hotel) and others said they got better prices and rooms through a resident agent, but most comments are good. Agoda used it last November without any problems. Don't be put off by the rumors that it is difficult to get in touch and travelling in Myanmar.

Hi Davo - I booked a Yangon based accommodation with Agoda on November 21, 2013 for a January 2014 date. Within a few hrs I got a verification e-mail from Agoda, but due to the inconsistencies in the ratings I chose to call the property directly a few day later to confirm it.

You didn't have a booking for me. They said that it could be a few extra working nights before it was approved due to its low negotiating price. And it took three more telephone conversations and a whole months for the motel to acknowledge the room. It is really not so hard to get around and talk in Myanmar, as stated in the last article.

Myanmar has been a great place for me and I found the Myanmar community kind and interested in making my trips pleasant. I used Agoda the second and last times I needed a room in Bagan. In the hope that Agoda would handle room enquiries by the date of my return, I made a booking two nights before my date of return.

Since it is an Myanmar connection, I never got a coupon, but I chose to try my luck in my MYANmar. Agoda did not send them a room enquiry either. But that didn't stop Agoda from billing me for a room I bought directly at the motel. When I returned, I talked to eight different Agoda sales reps to reimburse the costs.

Hello, I have to say it's not Agoda's doing this. I' m forced to say it's the responsibility of the affected hotel. You do not have the expertise to make a reservation on a prepaid base. Usually you will get an immediate acknowledgement from Agoda or another on-line agen.

There is a mistake in the hospitality because it has not checked into his system, or they do not know that they do not know that they have to verify their reservation lists with Agoda every day. As soon as you make a booking with an agent, you will receive a coupon and your hotel/hotel will be informed at the same ate.

Hotel/hotel should make a copy of your booking. When you show up and NO bookings from her side, it's NOT your own doing. It' their own doing, not paying heed to the bookings. At YGN we run a YGN hosting and we never run into such a dilemma, all of our clients who have posted on Agoda or other on-line agencies, we have their bookings.

As we are always making bookings, we are always checking. The owners of the complex are either not used to such bookings, as they prefer the "arrival and payment in cash" method. Anyway, your problems with the Agoda operatives, I understand. Again, if you are walking and have not reserved a hotel, it is NOT YOUR ERROR, NOT AGODA ERROR, it is the ERROR OF THE HOTEL.

Usually I don't make bookings through on-line reservation pages, but wanted to use some places with which the agencies were not acquainted and the prices were right. In all other places I have reserved my hotel through a local representative. I' ve made a reservation through Agoda for a place my asset couldn't deliver.

I' ve just e-mailed them. I' ve made all my hotel reservations through Agoda and e-mailed all my hotel reservations directly last weekend to verify it, and returned them all in order and my reservations valid.

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