Agoda Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Agoda Beach

Ngapali. Lin Thar Oo Lodge: Do you miss the best Sandoway Resort Ngapali offers? The Amata Resort & Spa Ngapali Beach is conveniently located in the popular Ngapali Beach area. View prices for Amata Resort & Spa Ngapali Beach in Agoda. Ngapali Beach, Zee Phyu Gone Village, Ngapali, Myanmar agoda Phone:

Ngapali Resort and Hotels

To date there are about 20 best places to stay in the four Ngapali beach area. On Ngapali's north beach, the large new Yuzana Beach Resort is still under development and will open in 2016. There are still some places for new resort on Gaw Beach and the Aurum Palace Resort will soon be renovated and expanded on the south Ngapali Beach.

Ngapali is only a tourist resort for half of the year during the drought. So far there are not enough people in the tourist seasons, and some of our hotel and restaurant facilities are closing. Room prices in Ngapali are quite high, cheap options are still lacking.

However, the coming years will certainly attract more and more visitors to Ngapali, and then smaller and cheaper familyresorts and pensions will be opened. The following chart gives an overall view of all Ngapali properties and resort locations. Ngapali Beach's three best resorts:

Ngapali Bay Hotel Villas & Spa, Ngapali Beach

The Ngapali Bay Villas&Spa is ideally situated for commercial and recreational use. It provides a high level of services and facilities to meet the needs of all travellers. Use the free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour room services, expedited check-in/check-out, Wi-Fi in common areas, parking.

Chosen guest rooms provide free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, private swimming pools, non-smoking rooms, A/C for a relaxing evening. Maintain the hotel's leisure amenities, which include the hotel's own beach, outside swimming pools, spas, massage, and children's swimming pools. Whatever your reason for coming to Ngapali, you will immediately be at home in Ngapali Bay Villas&Spa.

Resort Amata & Spa Ngapali Beach

Amata Résort & Spas is situated near the charming Mya Pyin Village on Ngapali Beach. Closest airfield is Thuandwe, 15 min by car from the resor. A 45-minute scenic airfare from Yangon to Connecticut is comfortable. The Amata Résort & Spas provides all amenities in a luxury hotel complex with internationally standard luxury rooms, offering a flawless setting with a broad palette of treatment, therapy and massaging technique in local and specialised internat.

Privately owned rooms provide peace and quiet and a variety of treatments encourage a feeling of peace and well-being - a sustainable gain for your visit to this enchanting residence. The rooms at Amata Spa & Spa, Ngapali Beach are equipped with A/C, mini bar and water boiler. From 30 nights before the date of your booking 30% of each room canceled per person per overnight stays will be invoiced.

As of 14 nights before the date of confirmation, 50% of each room canceled will be invoiced per person per night. As of 7 nights before the date of confirmation, 100% of each room canceled will be invoiced per overnight stay.

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