Agoda Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Hotel Yangon Myanmar

QuAlAssurance Engineer - Middle East Market Agoda is the largest and fastest growing online hotel booking platform in Asia. Bicycle & Breakfast, Bike World Bed, Yangon Region: Located on a mezzanine, a large, friendly bedroom awaits you for an unforgettable stay at the Loft Hotel Yangon. Yangon Expressway is an invitation to Myanmar. Lotomiles and Agoda Pte Ltd.

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Survey Are you a keen traveller and a keen person? Agoda, a member of Booking Holdings, is one of the world' s fastest-growing on-line hotels..... Agoodas comes to Sydney to interviews full stack engineers to join the Bangkok, Thailand group. We are looking for full stack engineers from many different areas for our fast expanding IT organisation to join our staff here in Bangkok, Thailand.......

Quality-assurance Engineer - Middle East Market Agoda is the biggest and most rapidly expanding on-line hospitality reservation service in Asia. As a member of the Bookings Holding Group, we are part of the world's biggest on-line tour operator. The PRM is a partnership relationship manager (PRM) is a function for developing and managing your partnership in order to increase sales through a variety of third party and sales channel (e.g. banks, airlines, loyalty programmes, on-line affiliates).

Agioda is a vibrant and rapidly evolving world. Agoda is looking for a one-of-a-kind kind of engineer to help resolve Agoda's one-of-a-kind issue. The ones who have no intolerance to inefficiency in developing softwares. Anyone who can look beyond the standard and help Agodians publish the best possible piece of code quickly and securely.

AgoData is the biggest and fastestgrowing on-line hospitality reservation plattform in Asia. And, as Bookings Holdings (BKNG), we are part of the world's biggest on-line tour operator. Summary Agoda is one of the fastestgrowing and most innovating businesses in the field of on-line tourism.

Contribute to shaping Agoda's growth. We' re looking for well thought-out, highly skilled creators (and designers) to join our creative teams and help us make our products a reality. We' re looking for top-class developers to head the developer of our hospitality asset management system, which manages prices and contingents of rooms from worldwide rent-a-car.

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