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Myanmar's future will be very different, and it will be full of opportunities that will affect every aspect of the lives of Myanmar's people. Send feedback and suggestions to the bank - language: Central Bank of Myanmar. NEPRO Win acquires a majority stake in Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank. Development of the Myanmar banking system (by AGD Bank).

Myanmar Business Today

Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank, a leading provider of credit, has launched EMV-based Visa and MasterCard smart cards at all ATMs - a first for Myanmar. Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank will expand its Cellular Bank services in cooperation with True Money Myanmar, a subsidiary of the Thai Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group).

Bank Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank has chosen Infosys, the multi-national group from India, for its online banker. At the beginning of 2003, Myanmar's burgeoning bank industry was forced to its feet when more than a decade of unlicensed informally-owned finance firms crumbled.

The AGD Bank: a Southeast Asian upstart

As Myanmar consolidates after several decade-long periods of radical change, the countrys new form and thrilling possibilities are opening up for the population. Much of this transitional phase is a full review of the bank system to meet the upcoming challenge.

Myanmar's flourishing but relatively new bank sector is headed by Asia Green Development Bank Ltd (AGD Bank). Founded in 2010, AGD Bank aims to offer a totally one-of-a-kind bank approach that is not only new to Myanmar, but hopefully will be setting new benchmarks worldwide by providing a personalized experience that helps clients meet changing needs.

AGD was the first bank in Myanmar to launch co-branded direct debit card (UPI-MPU). As a welcome complement for clients, the use of credit card has contributed to significantly widening customers' leeway for accessing money and restricting the negative effects of currency generation on the environment. With Myanmar entering a new age, payment transactions with credit card and cell phone are growing significantly.

One of Myanmar's leading innovators in Myanmar's bank sector, AGD is planning to provide an effective and diverse wireless payment service provider platform. AGD's innovative offensive is based on its readiness to use new technologies. Led by Htoo Htet Tay Za, the bank has entered into a strategic relationship with the India-based Infosys Group, which has enabled AGD to significantly enhance its technical capability.

"The integration of Infosys is a major advance not only for our bank but also for the Burmese population. With the Infosys Finacle Core Banking System, our national system will be smoothly connected to the global bank system in the near-term. As well as working with Infosys, AGD Bank recently entered into a relationship with Thailand's Charoen Pokphand Group to offer True Money Myanmar, a finance transfers services aimed at Myanmar residents with difficult local bank branch connections.

This initiative is an expression of AGD Bank's commitment to providing an excellent level of client care and providing a range of new, exciting banking solutions and support them. In addition to these projects, AGD Bank is planning to continue using finance technologies to strengthen its position in the profitable finance area. The AGD Bank's emphasis on innovations has resulted in an innovating reorientation as it focuses on new and ever more highly contested Myanmar market.

These include a brandnew sheet of paper representing the AGD Bank's corporate culture, corporate philosophy and corporate identity. Parallel to rebranding, the bank has implemented new merchandising strategy to reach new clients in Myanmar. Since Myanmar has an average lifespan of only 27 years and more than half the people ('55%) are under 30 years of age by 2014, the millennium old people are a large nation.

Delivering innovation in our product and process can only lead to business results if it is backed up by excellent client support. The AGD Bank is aware of this and therefore provides the highest level of training for the staff of the bank's subsidiaries and pays a visit to them in order to assure their top level of qualit. The AGD is pursuing a strategy of opening new offices in Myanmar and also initiates a Priority Banking development program for esteemed AGD clients.

U Than Ye, CEO of AGD Bank, comments on the bank's involvement in Myanmar's development: "Since our establishment in 2010, AGD Bank has grown stronger alongside Myanmar. "There are over 50 stores, 148 cash machines and 365 points of sale across the country. In addition, AGD Bank has an extended LANE banking system and a worldwide banking community of over 30 correspondents.

AGD executives have highlighted the significant changes in the Myanmar bank industry in recent years. Over the next 5-10 years, the expansion of wireless communications (both among clients and banks) is projected to be widely spread in Myanmar - AGD has successfully designed this and is now in a solid base for the coming years.

AGD Bank's dedication to advanced technologies and high client service levels provides a bank structure that is sustained and sustained and provides the financial foundation for a advanced Myanmar.

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