Agd Bank Branches in Yangon

Yangon Agd Bank Branches

The Asia Green Development Bank is a private commercial bank in Burma (Myanmar). Customers in Myanmar can now receive money from all over the world in the AGD bank branches. "The bank that grows with you".

Asian Green Development Bank in Tamwe Myanmar

On 6 August 2010, the head office and the first AGD Bank office were successfully opened in Nay Pyi Taw. Currently, 28 branches offering bank advisory and financial products to the general population have been opened throughout Myanmar. Within a brief time AGD purchased authorised dealer and money changer licences, set up an international bank department and opened (11) currency counter.

With over 1700 employees, the bank is strengthening its service throughout Myanmar. Besides young, active and qualified bankers, seasoned bankers, mechanics and software engineers, computer network and communications specialists, business economists, finance specialists, marketers and HR developers work together to shape the bank's smooth forward prospects.

The AGD Bank offers banker' s activities such as national bank transfer, international bank transfer, cash exchanges, acceptance of saving accounts, regular and permanent deposit, granting of credits and advance payments, operational lease purchasing, issuance of bank guaranties, online payments system operations, commercial financing, 24-hour ATM operations and opening of a 24-hour call-center. The AGD Bank provides bank advisory service in accordance with the Bank's policies and procedures as required by the Central Bank of Myanmar.

The AGD Bank selects Infosys products for online trading

Bank Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank has chosen Infosys, the multi-national group from India, for its online banker. It will use finacle core bank, web bank, mobile bank and finance ecosystemsolutions. Infosys Finacle is part of EdgeVerve Systems, the Infosys products group.

AGD Bank strives to broaden its customer basis while increasing efficiency and profit. According to the bank, the visibility and control of the bank will allow for a transformation by removing various hand tasks, increasing efficiency, decreasing error and guaranteeing round-the-clock operation.

It will also help the Bank meet the challenge of a shared old system that made it difficult to consolidate client assets. A 360-degree overview of client relations and trades is provided by the new deployment. The bank's integrated analysis function will help it better understanding client preference and thus offering personalized banking solutions and service.

EdgeVerve CEO Andy Dey said: "The Myanmar bank sector is growing again and there is a great demand for more. In this phase, a state-of-the-art bank technologies base is crucial for the bank's development in Myanmar. Founded in 2010, AGD Bank has 53 branches throughout Myanmar and is active in the areas of corporates, retailers and internati onal bank.

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