African Express Airways

The African Express Airways

Here you will find information about flights, routes, prices, flight offers and contacts of African Express Airways. Booking African Express Airways flights directly. AERAfrika Express Airways offers amazing discounts on airline ticket bookings. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about African Express Airways. Cross-check African Express Airways' fares with those of other airlines.


This is a strong and constantly expanding carrier aimed at businesses and recreational travellers around the globe. It has equipped its aircraft with Boeing's & state-of-the-art, greener, local aircraft operating from Nairobi every day. This is the second fully owned Kenya carrier to serve several cities around the globe.

VISIONA world-class carrier offering passengers and freight transport professionals. Being an air carrier of your choosing for your clients, an employers of your choosing for your staff and an asset of your choosing for your own.

Cabin Crew at African Express Airways

Applicants may be eligible for the above-mentioned post. - Additional benefit for cabin crew: MD 80, DC-9, Embraer & CR1 expertise. Have your employer profiles and resumes emphasized. Receive notifications when your employer views your resume or changes the state of your on-line resume.

AfricAirways - Information about airfares, offers and charges

We can only serve up to 10 airfields at the same day..... If we' re offering trip through the ages, we'll let you know. Timeshifter, huh? All we can do is handle your flight within the next 12 month, you're much better organized than we are. Searching for locations cannot be used in combination with certain data.

Nairobi - Mogadishu Int. flight with African Express Airways from 2.375 ?.

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You can also buy air travel directly from its website in a 100% safe area.

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