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Receive the latest news, images, multimedia and analysis from the African continent. The Africanews is a multilingual news service based in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo. africanews is the first pan-African multilingual medium produced in Africa, by and for Africans. The first pan-African multilingual medium produced in Africa, by and for Africans. Zuma's son is released on bail in a corruption case in South Africa.

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In August, a group of Roma Catholic laity in the Democratic Republic of Congo declared three national" large-scale actions" to force President Joseph Kabila to step down. Egypt denies a statement by aeronautical researchers that a fire in the airframe probably crashed an EgyptAir plane from Paris to Cairo in 2016.

Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa has sworn to promote a hydroelectric energy plan on Zambezi as he fights for a pledge to restore the destroyed Zambezi region's economies before the elections on 30 July. The Conversation notes that Africa's leadership must recognise the seriousness of the DRC conflict and put strong political and economic pressures on President Joseph Kabila.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean border wars of 1998-2000 have been fierce foes for many years, costing almost 80 000 deaths. But on Sunday a major change was achieved when they declared their willingness to re-open messages and frontiers. The Ethiopian PM said during a trip to Asmara that Ethiopia and Eritrea have reached an agreement to re-open messages and frontiers, signaling the end of two decade-long conflicts between their neighbors.

Darfur opens "Africa's largest free trading area" The heads of the conflict parties in Southern Sudan have basically reached agreement on crucial questions for a possible agreement to end the fifth year of world wars. For the first eighteenth consecutive year in almost two decade-long rival Ethiopia and Eritrea have gathered with a laugh and embrace in the midst of a swift and tragic dew to end one of Africa's longest lasting conflict.

The city of Niger will remain a destination for immigrants, even those arriving from neighboring Libya, said Mahamadou Issoufou. Southern Sudan's belligerent chiefs approved a distribution of powers in Uganda in which the insurgent chieftain will revert to his post as deputy chairman, the Sudanese secretary of state said.

News from the Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been bleak for decades: ranger deaths, an infested and depleted poacher life, raiding groups of gunmen and the extinction of the last black rhinoceroses out there. S A hunters'bribed Zim bovt officers to fire an illegal elephant' westafrican states in the common struggle against the rooted plant'Ebola' explorers from half a dozen states in western Africa have come together in a struggle against what one specialist has called a rooted plant'Ebola' - a virus that could destroy the basic diet of the area, condemning million to starvation.

Southern Sudan' s enemies are agreeing to pull reinforcements out of the city, and insurgents have consented to pull reinforcements out of the city, a Sudan official said when they concluded a safety agreement to end a four-and-a-half year long conflict. Is it possible for paid schoolgirls to help Southern Sudan? According to policemen, the Somali authorities have ended a besiege of the Somali Home Office, killing all three of them.

Nine at least were murdered in an assault on the Somali Home Office and the Somali military continues to fight the armed men inside, according to policemen, when the al-Shabaab group took over. Mali's secret agencies have detained a Mali women who helped the jihadist make explosive by providing her with fertilizer, a first in the land that has been severely affected by terrorist outrages.

One of Zimbabwe's clerics, who was a member of the Zanu PF governing coalition, called on the people not to follow the example of former Zanu Mugabe, calling him a "bad example for the elderly".  Google GoÂ", an application that consumes 40% less information â" and can better grasp the uniqueness of sub-Saharan Africa, has just been released.

Sudan's formal news service says that Southern Sudan's rivalling rulers have agreed on safeguards while discussions are continuing on a five-year civilian conflict settlement. Is it possible for paid schoolgirls to help Southern Sudan? Zimbabwe's army's neutrality'not significant, it must abide by the election results' A film in which the Zimbabwean military tries in vain to prevent the crowds from leaving the place where President Emmerson Mnangagwa held a demonstration has become virtual in the mass media. What's more, a documentary in which the Zimbabweans' military is trying in the past to prevent the people from leaving the place where President Mnangagwa held a demonstr.

A departing member of the Zimbabwean Zanu-PF governing political group has allegedly asserted that the South Africa cannot thrive "without the participation of the white people" in its "affairs". According to the Tunisian Department of the Interior, six members of the Tunisian police were murdered in a "terrorist attack" near the Algerian frontier, the most fatal such event in over two years.

Italy and Libya have declared their readiness to re-activate a friendly agreement concluded a decade ago which will allow the return of immigrants to Libya's territories. After the Vatican was forced to call back its messenger this year for collisions with the regime of President Joseph Kabila, Pope Francis sent a high-ranking diplomat to the Holy See in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr Buhari says that Boko Haram is in a "post-conflict stabilization phase" in northeastern Nigeria after the end of the conflict," said President Muhammadu Buhari, despite continued assaults by Boko Haram rants. According to the Movement for Demographic Change Alliance, the army's impartiality before the narrow ballot shows that the armed forces are there for the population.

The head of a group that tried a putsch in Burkina Faso has admitted in front of the courts that the 2015 incidents were an "attack on state security". The Somali authorities say that two blasts have taken place near the Department of the Interior in Somalia's main city, as the al-Shabaab group is claiming blame for the continuing assault in Mogadishu.

UN Human Rights Council has been alarmed about serious breaches in the troubled Kasai area of the Democratic Republic of Congo and has declared its readiness to deploy specialists to judge whether Kinshasa is making proposed changes. Mr Mnangagwa has moved away from the tough attitude of former US Prime Minister Robert Mugabe on the use of soft power in Zimbabwe a few month after taking over the chair.

A 32-year-old from Tunisia has been reported to have been arrested by the Nazi regime on charges of a suspected terrorism at a Berlin Christmas fair in 2016.

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