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Restaurant Afghani

Afghan cuisine restaurants in London. Afganfish dishes for your dining pleasure. Mazar Aghan Restaurant is famous in Afghanistan and all over Asia for its fine taste. riana is an Afghan family restaurant in brighton, massachusetts. Locate and book the best Afghan restaurants in London.

Arianna II Afghanistan Restaurant - Kebab oven kebab kilt kebab kiltondon

Arianna II provides caterer for up to 100 people for your event. At Ariana II we do not offer wines, but you are welcome to come with your own. The Ariana Afghanistan Restaurant serves a wide selection of juicy Afghans food, which you can eat and take with you in our restaurant in Kilburn, London.

Savor the secrets of Afghan dumplings with yogurt and a smooth minced pork topping. Indulge in our slightly flavoured kebab stewed in herb and spice, grilled with onion and pepper and accompanied by dark red cabbage and lettuce. Select from a wide range of vegetable meals, all boiled with green gravies and aromatic plants, accompanied by basmati risotto and lettuce.

The Ariana II Afghanistan Restaurant serves a wide selection of tickling Afghans food for your physical well-being in our restaurant in Kilburn, London. The Ariana II can accommodate up to 100 people on two levels for your celebrations and company or personal events. Main lines are Kabuli palov with chicken kebabs.

Meals are Kabuli Palov, Hen kebabs, Mantu and llamb kokfta kebabs. Contains 1 spit poultry spit, 1 spit truck spit, 2 spit truck spit, 1 spit truck spit, 1 spit truck spit and cabbage-raice. Serve with lettuce, nut meg and a pitcher of noodles.

Real Good Afghan Cuisine - Kabul City Restaurant, Edgware Traveller Reviews

I' ve been to this restaurant 2/3 times, once on a date and once with the mob. This restaurant is in Edgware, on the Hauptstra├če. When I came here with my folks, the restaurant was unoccupied, they showed us a desk right away. After 5-10 min we ordered and the meal (all dishes) lasted 15-20 mins.

Orders included Qabili Plau au (saffron with raisin and leg of leg of lamb on top ), Qabili Pils (minced meat filled with minced meat and a little like dumplings), chalov kebab (lightly macerated, tasty, loamy chicken), Banjan Bourani (the best eggplant meal I have ever tried, tomatoes and garlic), Miraza Quasemi and various nanoans and almonds.

Aubergines were great for vegetable lovers, they had a great flavor and went very well with the soft and soft snack of brusch. It is very good value for the qualtity and quantity of the foods. Afghani people believe in good meals and eat large servings. Dinner was crisp and everything we had ordered had a truly Afghan flavor.

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