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Continue with AeroVip experience', select your seat and receive your boarding pass. There are Aero VIP flights to Funchal, Porto Santo, Braganca, Vila Real, Viseu, Cascais and Portimao. It is a Portuguese regional airline based in Portimão, Western Algarve. Locate the best Aero Vip tickets, book your flight and fly with Aero Vip at the lowest cost. CAPA's premium airline profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Aero VIP.

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It is an autonomous local carrier offering regular flights every day on the important internal flight between Porto Santo and Funchal. The Aero VIP is part of the "Grupo Seven Air" group. There are Aero VIP flights to Funchal, Porto Santo, Braganca, Vila Real, Viseu, Cascais and Portimao.

Aero VIP restarted North-South PSO services in January 2016 after 4 years. Headquartered in Portimão, Aero VIP runs 2 Do228 and other lightweight aircrafts on routes across the continental Portugal and between the Porto Santo and Funchal islets. The Madeira Airports is an internacional port in the community of Santa Cruz, in the Portugese Madeira Aipelago.

Further carriers flying to Madeira are Aero VIP, Aigle Azur, Air Berlin, Austrian Airways, British Airways, Condor, easyJet, Germania, Iberia and Monarch Air. The Madeira International is the Aero VIP Harbour Airfield. The Aero VIP offers many different services and offers all customers an economical and secure them.

Search the most common Aero VIP air lanes to targets within the Portuguese region. Specialized in locating the best available rates for various carriers and making them available to you on-line, with rates in the currencies of your choosing. You' ll gain insights into many advantages and offers from over 450 carriers.

Aero Vip, an autonomous Portugese carrier, serves the important inland connection between Porto Santo and Funchal, Madeira on a day-to-day basis. The Aero VIP is part of the bigger Grupo 7 Air, which is located in Cascais on the Portugal continent near Lisbon.

On January 1, 2014, Aero Vip commenced the 3x a day Funchal to Porto Santo flights with Dornier Do228 aircrafts which will take over the line previously run by SATA Air Acores. PayPal is accepted to make Aero VIP air travel easier and safer for you. With over 169 million bank account numbers around the world, PayPal is one of the world' s premier ways to pay on-line.

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