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Episcopal Aero Continente / Peru, next ''. The AeroContinente team was ready to resume operations at the weekend under the name Nuevo Continente. Flight Deals from Aero Continente. Herewith Aero Continente, S.A.

("Aero Continente" or "Applicant") responds to Motion Fine Air Services, Inc. The cross-reference name is AERO CONTINENT S.A..

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Aero Continente's logotype. Fernando Zevallos established the carrier in 1992 as Aero Continente. Air traffic began on May 25 this year, at first on local charter flights on contract for the US-Occidental Petroleum group. On 20 July 1993, regular service began with a single jet of only two aircraft: a Boeing 727-100 and a Boeing 737-200.

It was Aero Continente that was competing with these carriers with very low ticketing prices. In 1999, when Faucett and Aéroperu went into bankruptcy due to economic problems, Aero Continente was the only air carrier in the home market to acquire a monopolistic status. At this point in the company's history, the number of aircrafts had grown to approximately 30, mainly 737s, including the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar.

At this time the first round-trip connections between Lima and Panama City and Santiago de Chile were opened. Aero Continente Chile was established as a fullyowned subsidiary, targeting the local Chileese air transport industry with a total of five Boeing 737-200s delivered by its mother company.

At the end of 1999 Aero Continente received permission to run the company's flagship Lima to Miami run. A Boeing 757-200 was rented from Air 2000 for this work. Aero Continente Chile started the Miami flight from Santiago with a stop in Lima on a Boeing 767-200.

Until 2001, the LIMA and SANTIAGO-based businesses' global reach had expanded to Buenos Aires, Bogot√°, La Paz, Caracas, Guayaquil and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. During 2002, the Australian government detained several employees of Aero Continente Chile for drugs traffic, forcing the carrier to suspend flights.

Consequently, the Chilenean affiliate was reintegrated into the Aero Continente main line, which alleged that the ground-ing was rather driven by fears that the airline had become too fierce a rival for the Chilenean airline LAN Airlines. A second, fully consolidated Santo Domingo-based Aero Continente Dominicana was established in 2001.

After the failure of its dominant affiliate in 2003, Aero Continente opened a small airport in Santo Domingo itself, which offers VFR services to the Spanish metropolitan areas of New York City, Los Angeles and Madrid. However, in 2004, Aero Continente received permission to enter the United States because its founding father and lead character, Fernando Zervallos, had been named one of the top ten most wanted criminal gangsters in the United States.

Aero Continente thus no longer had access to its coverage, as Global Aerospace, a U.S.-based enterprise partially in charge of this case, had to discontinue its activities with the carrier. As a result, all air traffic was discontinued on July 12 of this year. It became the centre of a 1996 affair after it became known that two young people were driving in the dashboard of a Lima-Tarapoto plane after being ordered to do so by the cabin crew for congestion.

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