Aeolian Islands

Eolian Islands

Aeolian Islands (/i??o?li?n/) (Italian: Isole Eolie, pronounced[?

i?zole e???lje], Sicilian: Ìsuli Eoli, Greek: The Aeolian Islands offer an excellent balance of volcanic island formation and destruction and persistent volcanic phenomena.

Eolian Islands Tours

The Aeolian Islands of Unesco (Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi) rise from the sea of Celtic blues off the north-east shore of Sicily and are a small part of paradise, a magic open-air play area that offers a thrill at every turn. Lipari, the biggest and busiest of the seven islands, is the only one.

The city has great accommodations and good communications, while Stromboli and Vulcano offer spectacular dizzy spells and sandy and dark sands. Ultra chic Panarea provides luxury housing at lower low seasons while Filicudi and Alicudi have an end-of-the-line appetite that is irresistable for those who love off-the-track adventures. Explore the best of the Aeolian Archipelago on this personal hike.

You will be guided up the mountain to the craters where you will find out about the development of the volcanos, the eruption in the area and the gas of this particular one. They inspect and take pictures of the fossils on their way to the highest point of the vulcano for a panorama look.

When you have studied the vulcano in detail, rest at a small nearby pub, then resume your trip in a mudslide, where you will get to know the curative properties of the vulcanic muds and indulge in a cure. Here you can unwind on the beaches, which have got a lot of bags due to under waterfumarools.

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