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When you travel to Thailand, our latest travel tips give you practical tips on emergency contacts, safety, climate and other important information. Jet-ski and scooter scams occur regularly in Thailand. Shop for health care in Thailand and earn Advantage Card Points on purchases. Passsport Health helps you to get the vaccinations, help and advice you need for a trip to Thailand. Passsport Health helps you to get the vaccinations, help and advice you need for a trip to Thailand.

People' s wellbeing - Thailand Travel advice

Consult your doctor at least 4 to 6 days before your journey to determine if you need immunization or other precaution. Read the latest country-specific information and advice from the National Travel Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) on the Travel HealthPro website or from NHS (Scotland) on the fitforravel website.

You can also find useful information and advice on health care abroad on the NHS Choices website. Thailand has a number of great privately owned medical centers, but they can be costly. Thailand's government health care facilities and facilities do not always meet British hospital and hospital requirements, especially outside Bangkok and on the coast isles. A lot of hospital demand a guaranty of payments before they begin to treat.

Ensure that you have sufficient traveller's healthcare and that you can pay for the costs of healthcare abroad and return. Particularly affected are preschoolers, the older generation and people with previous illnesses. In March and April, fog often occurs, resulting in low atmospheric levels and increased contamination in parts of northern, northeastern and southern Thailand.

Stay up to date with your area' s information and consult a doctor for appropriate precaution. Periodic ASEAN and Thailand Ambient air monitoring is available from the Singapore Meteorological Service. When you need help during your journey, call 1669 and ask for an ambulance. If you are transferred to a health care institution for care, please consult your health care provider immediately.

Medicines that are only available on prescription in the UK, such as Viagra, Cialis and Valium, are available in much-loved areas of the city. The use of medicines without doctor's advice or a prescriptive guide can have serious effects on your wellbeing. British public healthcare officials have identified Thailand as a potential source of the Zika antivirus.

Information and advice on the risk associated with the Zika viruses can be found on the National Travel Health Network and Centre website. There is dengue in Thailand.

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