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Consulting Maesot, Ban Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand. I would appreciate any other advice or warnings. Consulting Mae Sot 2 GmbH Consulting Mae Sot 2 GmbH Have a look what your mates say about Advice Mae Sot 2 Co. When you create an affiliate profile, you can join trusted people and view the places they recommend. Make a brief notice of what you liked, what you should order, or other useful advice for your customers.

Consulting Mae Sot 2 GmbH "????????? ??????? ????????? 4 ????? ?????? ????? ????? ??????? ?????????? 160 ????? 8.0" "One of the best places to enjoy the Maesod culture crucible with interesting rotis for breakfasts, a beverage with delicious tasty Thailand teas and traditional China teas at the end". Suggested meals are roasted vegetables ("pak nam")" Is this your shop?

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I' m planing a shore cross to Myanmar within the next few weeks. I would appreciate any other advice or warnings. I' m following the advice of other folks I see here. Great leader you know..........try Google......Mywaddy to Yangon about 11 hrs..... The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Sot Mae travel guide

Sot Mae is a frontier village in the west part of Tak county, about 400 km north west of Bangkok. was opened for non-nationals. A multiethnic metropolis with an unbelievable mixture of Thais, Myanmar, Chineses, Indians, Pakistanis and several Myanmar minorities, of which Karens has the largest part, but also Hmong, Yao and Lahu are part.

Visiting Mae Sot is like being cast into a new Bible time - with those who speak different tongues, observe different customs, eat different foods and wear different clothing, but are somehow still able to comprehend and walk with each other. Today Mae Sot is an important trading center for Myanmar produce, especially precious stones and tea-tree.

There' s a wonderful cascade, waterfalls, hot spring and a gabbon shrine around Mae Sot, where you can spend a few nights in and around the towns. It can be really warm in April, but it's also Songkran season and Mae Sot is one of the best places to have Thai New Year; the Thai and Myanmar townspeople will be challenging each other to take part in sporting, culture and scenic events; and of course there's enough running waters to make everyone forgety.

Most of the inns, dining and nightclubs for foreign visitors are located along Intarakiree Road to the western side of the center. Eating is an adventure in Mae Sot and it is one of the major reason why many on their way to Myanmar choose to stay in Burma for a few more nights.

You will find indigenous Myanmar cuisines everywhere, small stores and restaurans mainly aimed at the refugee will be pleased to offer you their typical meals; stands with red wine; Islamic neighbourhoods where you can sample Thai-Muslim cooking - what more do you want? Include a range of dining options that offer Chinese, Thai and of course Myanmar cooking in a pleasant and convenient environment - the selection of dining options is truly amazing.

If you need to eat something from the West, there are also a whole range of possibilities. Get ready to get confused when you visit the market; you'll probably wonder where the hell the way back to your motel is, but don't let that intimidate you too much; get a ticket in your guest house and in the worse case there are motorcycle taxis and tuk-tuks at every turn and for a few bahts (THB50/100 dependent on the remoteness and your trading ability) they'll take you anywhere.

Taxi and tuk-tuks will take you to the city for THB100/150. The old one in the city center is still lively, but it is serviced by low-speed municipal busses to a number of nearby region. Motorcycle taxi, tuk-tuks and common song-taews are available to get to/from the school.

Most of the busses that go to this train stop will take you to the city if you ask them, and this is especially useful if you arrive early in the day or later in the afternoon, when you might otherwise only find motorcycle cabs to drive you to the city. From Bangkok busses to Mae Sot depart either in the mornings ((from 8.00 to 10.00) or in the evenings ((from 18.00 to 23.00).

When you plan to return to northern Thailand, you do not need to return to Bangkok; take a coach to Mae Sariang (THB200, available every half hour) and drive from there to Mae Hong Song and Chiang Mai. From Mae Sot to Chiang Mai (6 hrs, THB250) or to other places like Laem Ngop (ferry to Koh Chang, 16 hrs, THB750) there are busses every day.

When you drive to Myanmar, the frontier is only a few kilometres from the city centre. You will be charged THB100 for a tuk-tuk there; otherwise take a common singingthaew (THB20; they stop near the square, ask your guest house for the way). As soon as you have crossed the frontier, the small city of Myawaddy is right there (accommodation and catering facilities are available).

Note that without a visitor's permit westerly visitors can only come to Myanmar for a brief period of at least one full working year. This is only sufficient for a fast entry or entry to Myanmar. When you plan to transit Myanmar, make sure you already have your visas. Mae Sot, the frontier city, is a favourite place to come to Myanmar from Thailand, as relaxing travelling regulations have made it possible to continue the journey.

Sot Mae is about 500 km from Bangkok, about six hrs by car. There are regular bus services from Mochit Bus Station in Bangkok. Bangkok-Mae Sot has at least ten busses and you can book your departure on line. There is also Mae Sot's own international airfield and there are usually three 1 hr flight per day to Bangkok.

You can also take busses directly to Chiang Mai, Koh Chang and Sukothai. There are regular mini busses for trips to Tak and other places that depart from the Burmese market every 30 mins. Busstation is situated eastward of the city center, along the AH-1 street leading to Burma.

Because of the proximity of an internacional frontier, the terminal is often overcrowded and there is a policing area. But it is in operation around the clock, so there are many grocery stores and passage areas to wait in. If you have tuk-tuks to the city center, or if you have little baggage, a motorcycle taxis is another possibility.

Mae Sot is a frontier city and a gate to Myanmar. Once you have crossed the frontier, you can continue your journey to places such as Yangon, Mawlamyine or Hpa-An. Those who do not visit Myanmar can visit the pulsating Burma fair in the center of Mae Sot. There is an exceptional culture and many real hill tribe produce on sale.

The city has several accommodation options, with sensible prices due to strong competitors.

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