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As the Ministry of Transport and Communications has noted, the provision of a quicker wireless messaging system and the growing use of telephones across the country will continue to be a top priority as the country enters the next decade of the age. Currently, web connectivity is available from both cell and landline and most Myanmar residents have smartphone connectivity as the provision of landline bandwidth, fiber and ADSL ( "ADSL") is restricted.

Telecommunications providers offer here in the frequency ranges 900 Mahertz ( "MHz") and 2100 Frequency. ISPs, however, criticize the slowness of the connections, which results from the fact that both telephony and telephony run on the same frequency. This is why the authorities are striving to speed up the provision of ISPs by allowing telecoms providers to use extra radio frequency.

In addition to the 900 and 2100 Hz frequences, an April road map published by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMBF) states that 1800 and 2600 Hz will be made available to residential providers. "We are now planing to launch the 2600 MHz-wave band to be sold at auction during the new government's 100-day plan," said Myo Swe.

Its 2600 MHz-range will focus mainly on the provision of wireless services. "It has the benefit of higher speeds than the existing 900 and 2100 GHz speeds and is specifically designed for delivering traffic rather than speech services," says Myo Swe. As part of the regime, it will increase the proportion of higher radio traffic.

For the current 900 and 2100 frequency band, each telecoms provider is assigned only 5 or 15 frequency, but 20 frequency for the new 2600 series. In July, when the Department asked carriers to request the 2600-MHz spectrum concession, 22 businesses replied. 20 operations were selected after the trial, said Myo Swe.

One of the Department of Better Services' projects is a spacecraft to accelerate connection in the countryside. Whilst the administration wants to own a spacecraft, that is only a blueprint for now, but there is an emergency workaround. "We estimate that a spacecraft may be worth 200 million or even 300 million dollars.

That' s why we cannot start a domestic spacecraft at the moment," he said. Owning a spacecraft also requires authorisation from the relevant authorities and neighboring organizations, and the procedure can take at least two years, he added. In order to surmount the financing and licensing obstacles, the German authorities have signed a lease contract with the Intelsat satellites company.

There are about 25 channels per spacecraft. So we can't buy the whole dish, so we'll hire five or six of his channels.

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