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The Adria Airways d.o.o. is the largest airline in Slovenia. Browse Verified Adria Airways customer reviews, view Adria Airways photos, review customer reviews and opinions about Adria Airways standards.

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Aviopromet ( "Adria Airways d.o.o.")[1] (formerly Inex-Adria Aviopromet and later Inex-Adria Airways) is the biggest carrier in Slovenia. In the following years Adria progressively purchased a tourism flight from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia to the airport on the banks of the Aegean. It also operated a significant number of United Nations services.

In 1964, with the opening of the new international Ljubljana International Airports, Adria moved from its current head office in Zagreb. Following a forced comparison, the Adriatic Sea largely resumed its activities thanks to the work of the then Chairman of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Adria amalgamated with Belgrade-based InterExport in December 1968 and renamed Adria Aviopromet to Inex-Adria Aviopromet (Inex-Adria Airways).

Adria has sometimes also rented airplanes (Sud Aviation Caravelle, Douglas DC-8, BAC One-Eleven). Adriatic resumed its trans-Atlantic services to the United States and Canada in 1972 with the Douglas DC-8-55. At the end of the 70s Adria was named the most on-time airline on the air charter aviation world.

At this time Adriatic also launched air travel within Yugoslavia. Inex Adria Aviopromet (Inex-Adria Airways) started in the 80s as a serious enterprise with proven track record in the tourism and regular services markets. 5 ] In May 1981 Adria bought three new McDonnell Douglas MD-80s. Adria was given a new management in 1982, which concentrated on the training of aircrew, technicians and other specialist crew and on guaranteeing security.

During this time, our activities continued to focus on Adriatic air charters. In 1986 Adria withdrew from the Inex Group due to a reorganization program under German trade laws and became an autonomous enterprise and changed its name to Adria Airways. Later Adria became a member of IATA. The first new Airbus A 320 landed in 1989.

This was the Airbus 143rd and the first Airbus 43st aircraft to be propelled by the new IAE engines. With the collapse of Yugoslavia, the tourism sector on the Croatian coast collapsed, which also affected the airlines. Two more new Airbus A320s were delivered in September 1990.

Adria had 13 aircrafts in 1991; three Airbus A320s, four MD-82s, one MD-81s, three DC-9-30s and two Dash-7s. Two more Airbus A320s, ordered for delivery in June 1991, were divested to other carriers. Flight operations began in 1992, when Adria Airways resumed its operations on a shortened airspace.

Most of the charters from Western Europe to the banks of the Iberian Peninsula had become unavailable as they were now on the territories of other states. There was too much of the fleets, so many planes were rented out worldwide. The company became Slovenia's domestic airline and its operating structures were changing.

It changed from a large charters carrier to a regular carrier. Adriatic Sea began to build up a net of regular services throughout Europe to meet the needs of an autonomous Slovenia. Over the next few years, mainly Airbus A320s and MD-82s were rented. In February 1996, the Slovenian Government acquired a 100% stake in Adria Airways as part of the property reorganisation.

As part of the administration's bailout program, a restructuring process was initiated in 1996 to allow the enterprise to operate according to free will. During 1996 the aircraft fleets included three 168-seat Airbus A320s (at least two were rented for the most part), two 105-seat DC-9-30s and two 46-seat Dash-7s.

In 1996 Adria founded a company with Lufthansa. Adria ordered two new Bombardiers CRJ200LR with an optional extra aircraft in April 1997. 12 ] The CRJ200LR was selected as the best choice for Ljubljana services, enabling more direct and regular services to be made.

The CRJ200LR is equipped with 48 seating places, which offer room for a bigger luggage room, which is needed for charter flights. The Adriatic Aircraft in 1999 comprised three Airbus A320s, which were now in service again, and three CRJ200LRs. Adria Airways experienced a sharp decline in the number of air travelers in 2001 following the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001.

Adriatic Sea began to fly on the EU flight from Vienna to Frankfurt in 2001-02. Bombardier Aerospace chose Adria in July 2002 as the first certified CRJ airliner for large-scale overhaul. Adria rented a Bombardier CRJ100LR with 50 seating capacity from Bombardier in early 2003; the rental contract ran until January 2011.

Adria was one of the first carriers in the paragliding industry to receive an IOSA certification in August 2004. GECAS rented the sixth CRJ200LR with 50 seating places. Adria Airways became a member of the Star Alliance on 18 November 2004. Adria ordered two Bombardiers CRJ900s in 2007 and they were shipped in May.

In the summer the fleets included an Airbus 330 (162 seats), a Boeing 737-500 (112 seats) from Ukraine International Airlines, two Bombardiers CRJ900LR (86 seats) and seven Bombardiers CRJ200LR (48/50 seats). Adria announces the acquisition of a new CRJ1000 NextGen and two new CRJ900 NextGen in November 2007.

Adriatic ended the year with a small win. Adriatic Sea began a new century with an enormous waste. Nonetheless, the outlook was good when two brand-new Airbus A319s were due to be delivered in April 2010. Adria Belgrade, last used before the collapse of Yugoslavia, was added in March 2010.

All of the facilities were relocated to Maribor in April 2010 because Ljubljana International has renewed its runways. 19 ] Later this months Adriatic Sea, like many other European carriers, was closed by the outbreak of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. Adriatic has taken over two new Airbus A319[20] with a small lag due to the volcano explosion in April/May 2010.

In July, new services to Banja Luka[22] were launched in cooperation with Sky Srpska. This was followed later in the months by a flight to Marseille which offers a service from Istanbul via Ljubljana to Turkeys lorrymen. The Adria Adriatic fleets in 2010 included one Airbus 330 (162 seats), two Airbus A319 (135 seats), four Bombardiers CRJ900LR (86 seats) and seven Bombardiers CRJ200LR (48/50 seats).

The Airbus A320-231 (S5-AAA) was decommissioned on 11 September 2010 and will be stocked at Ljubljana Airport. Since 10 December 2010 Adria has been operating new services from Pristina, Kosovo. 23 ] Brussels, Copenhagen and Paris joined in the summers. Adria had two Airbus A320s (180/162 seats), two Airbus A319s (135 seats), four Bombardier CRJ900s (86 seats) and six Bombardier CRJ200LRs (50/48 seats) operating in this area.

Adria still had the third Airbus A320 (S5-AAA) but it was not in operation and was stocked at Ljubljana International Airports. In 2010, a net overall deficit of ? 63,073,630 was generated. This concerned the Slovenian authorities and the banking institutions from which Adriatic had taken out credits in recent years. Adria signed the contract with the bank and the Spanish authorities on 21 September 2011.

Adria received 69,720,983 - 50 million from the Adriatic Sea together, the remainder was transformed by the loan-to-equity exchange. Adria has suspended its services to Banja Luka, London, Paris, Toulon and Warsaw with the start of the 2011/12 Olympic Games schedule. Adriatic Sea returns to three goals for the 2012 holiday season: Ljubljana Airport announced in August that it has a new carrier on a London-Luton flight, which is why Adria has withdrawn it from the 2013 Olympic schedule. On 24 September 2012, a Bomabrdier CRJ200LR licensed under lease was handed back to the landlord GECAS.

Adriatic now has five own CRJ200LR and two own CRJ900LR, two CRJ900LRs ( "next gen") and two Airbus A319s under lease, as well as a larger Airbus 330 for a fleet of 12 aircraft under lease. In the 2012-13 hibernation period, the frequency was almost the same as in the previous one.

Airbus' aircraft were chartered and rented, while the remainder of the CRJ200LR would be used for ad hoc charter (sports club, company, etc.) and back-up. Adria started operations in Frankfurt to Tirana, Albania, in the early part of 2014. Adria Airways' present image was born in the end of the 1980'.

Besides its core business, Adria has several affiliates, including: Mid-2005 saw the signing of a joint venture with Air France Industries to conduct A & C cheques on Airbus A 320s. Adria Airwarys Tehnika was founded in 2010 as an independent enterprise with around 250 people. The Darwin Airline, which carried out all of Darwin Airways' services and was a wholly owned part of Adria Airways Switzerland, was known as Adria Airways Switzerland.

The company was held by Etihad Airways and was labelled as Etihad Regional. Flight cancellations occurred on 12 December 2017 and no further flight cancellations will be made. Since summer 2017 Adria Airways has been operating a major aviation hub at the airport Ljubljana Jo?e Pu?nik and the second aviation hub at Pristina International Airport and Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza.

48 ] Adria Airways is mainly active in regular services, but also offers charters and ad-hoc services. Adriatic currently serves 24 liner and 22 charters throughout Europe. 48 ] Most air travel is handled from Ljubljana Jo?e Airport Pu?nik, the airline's main hub, but there are also regular and charters services from Pristina Airport and Tirana Airport.

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