Accommodation Yangon Burma

Yangon Burma Accommodation

Accommodation for students and Erasmus in Yangon, Burma. We lived in Yangon, Myanmar. Rose-Garden Hotel, Upper Pansodan Road, Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma). Mortgage, accommodation, transport, food and attractions! M.

G. M. Hotel in Yangon:


Your confidence, your smiles our hopes! Shedagon Pagoda provides extraordinary levels of private sphere, safety and stunning vistas of the town and the fascinating Shwedagon Pagoda. and safety world. The Hokkaido Japan Resort is an ideal place to take a rest and enjoy a choice of breakfasts, West, Asian, Japan, Italy, grilled and snacks.

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The Alfa is situated in a calm road with a view of some apartment and business buildings. Included in the cost of the accommodation is a freshly prepared lunch and dinner with various mainland and Burma cuisines. Like most things in Yangon, the rooms and amenities were older, but everything was neat, so it was a pleasant stop.

Situated on a major road that was very bustling for Yangon-standard. It' s easily accessible and within easy walk from a number of hypermarkets and restuarant. An ample and delicious breakfasts in 365 different places was part of the cost of the trip.

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