Accommodation Yangon Burma

Yangon Burma Accommodation

A handpicked collection of boutique hotels in Yangon that we like to think is pretty definitive. The Agga Youth Hotel is a budget accommodation for backpackers and budget conscious travelers who want to get the most out of their trip in Myanmar. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Welcome to Best Western Green Hill Hotel in Yangon. Situated in a quiet area of Yangon, one of the newest cosy hotels in Yangon.


Welcome to Sky Star, a verdant oasis of the contemporary and fast-moving Yangon. Sky Star, the luxury and fully featured Sky Star, will provide you with a rewarding holiday, offering you warmer, more relaxing and welcoming oriental warmth, a breathtaking view of Yangon and a quiet and enjoyable area. So begin your unforgettable journey and enjoy the Golden Land here!!!

It is a really beautiful and very well situated motel. Magnificent motel! It' a really great place to be in Yangon. I' m sure the next goddamn thing I know I'll be back in Yangon. Situated in the perfect place for a great excursion to Yangon. Transport is provided by the hotels and everything is very comfortable.

It is beautifully constructed and near a mall.

8 Days Hotel - Yangon - Myanmar

With free WiFi and a patio, the 8Day in Yangon provides lodging. Every room in this guesthouse is air-conditioned and has a TV with satellites. You will find a slipper, free toilet articles and a hairdryer for your comforts. There is a free of charge shuttleservice on the area.

You can rent a vehicle in this resort and the area is very famous for golfers. Shedagon Pagoda is 5 km from the 8Day and Sule Pagoda is 7 km away. The Yangon International Airport is 9 km from the site.

Tales behind Yangon's historic properties

It was inaugurated in 1901 by the Sarkies Brothers - Army traders who established a hospitable imperium in Asia - and its Victory façade has made it an integral part of the Yangon Cultural Heritage List and touristic routes. "The Yangon was formerly known as the Gartenstadt des Ostens. Nowadays Yangon is a moving town.

With Myanmar's opening up to tourism and trade, building is flourishing and much of the city's rural architectural style is being wasted. The oldest properties in the town have become a cultural legacy, from the recently renovated beach resort to the Belmond Governor's Residence in hardwood. Tall blankets, wicker flooring and granite flooring are still a basic foodstuff of The Strand and attract people who want to see the oldest Yangon hospital.

Yangon was an important harbour on the European-Asian maritime corridor when it opened, and The Strand became a rendezvous for France's merchants, UK officials and the country's top people. Afterwards, the guesthouse drew the likes of George Orwell, Noël Coward, Rudyard Kipling and Prince Edward VIII of Britain, to name but a few.

In 1942-1945, when Myanmar was invaded by Japan during World War Two, it was used by Yamato forces as a residence and re-named the Yamato Hotell. It was no longer used after the end of the Great Depression. Indonesia based lodger Arian Zecha - the man behind Aman Resorts - took over the estate and renovated it to its former size.

Today the beach has just been undergoing a six-month restoration that has retained its structural integrity and remains, among them rarer Myanmar marbles, hardwood flooring, antique Myanmar furniture and candelabras. "It is not the same as the one that opened in 1901, of course, but it mirrors the same ambience as when it opened - it was new and contemporary then, it had a ghost.

Situated in the green Yangon district, this villa in tea tree is another Franciscan entrepreneurial project - this year, it has been constructed by the Samuel and Carapiet Balthazar family. The Karenni (now Kaya) leaders in the east of Myanmar hosted officials in 1952.

In 1995, Patrick Robert, a famous photographer, joined forces with the Pansea Group to transform the villa into a fashion house. 10 years later, the Balmond Hotelgroup purchased the Pansea Hotelgroup and the object. The Savoy Yangon is located near the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda and began its existence as a quiet residential home.

Daw Kyi Kyi Kyi Tun, a business woman, bought and refurbished the estate in 1993. From then on, the motel has housed performers, film makers and film-makers. "There is a great deal of traditionally timber in the building and furnishing of the hotel," says Peukert. Kandawgyi Palace was built in the 1930' as the headquarters of the Rangoon Rowing Club, a favourite meeting place for UK officials and top export.

Some years later, in 1948, the estate became the National Biological Museum. The site was taken over by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism in 1979 and transformed into a 10 TEAC wood bungalow resort, which was subsequently superseded by a large lakefront structure in 1993. The 26-storey Traders in its place was erected.

In 2014, after a 2nd 5-year restoration, the name of the Sule Shangri-La was changed to a new one.

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