Accommodation Ngapali Beach Myanmar

Ngapali Beach Myanmar accommodation

The Ngapali Beach in western Myanmar, Rakhine Coastal Region in the Bay of Bengal. It is ideally located not far from beautiful beaches. Incorporate a stay at Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa into your tailor-made holiday in Burma (Myanmar), created by Audley's travel experts. and I wanted to stay at BEST Resort. We are dedicated to directly improving the social fabric of the normal Myanmar/ Diamond Ngapali Hotel, Ngapali:

Beach Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa | Hotels in Ngapali Beach

If possible, we can provide you with a number of accommodation for each stop of your journey, selected by our experts as some of their favorite accommodations. In order for you to make the right decision, we evaluate each piece of real estate by equipment and services, but we also look for properties with a distinctive personality or a site that cannot be surpassed.

All 70 cabins, bamboos, cane cabins, wicker cabins, chalets and suits are built to combine the best contemporary and classic lifestyles. Bayview is an outstanding option in Ngapali for those looking for comfort and a selection of dining options. There are 40 bungalow and seven suite apartments and a Grand Suite with two bedrooms, perfect for the family.

Its position makes this a good choice for a brief sojourn. Located on scenic Ngapali Beach, this well-run estate has 38 large rooms in bungalowstyle, some with ocean-view.

Thandwe Rakhine State, Ngapali Beach Hotel, Myanmar (Burma)

The former "Strand Hotel Sandaway" was founded on March 15, 1961 by the Steel Brothers Group. In 1965 it was given the same name as the Ngapali Beach Hotel to the Ministry of Commerce and on November 1, 1999 it was returned to a privately owned firm, the "Lone ma Lay Group", under the same name.

LocationNgapali Beach The Ngapali Beach Hotel is located near Mya Pyin Village, Thandwe in Rakhine Divison, and offers the best panorama views of the Rakhine Mountains to the west and the Bay of Bengal to the south. Ngapali Beach in Thandwe, only 8 mile from Thandwe and 20 minute car ride from Ma Zin Thandwe airport, is especially recommendable for those looking for a calmer place where the gold sands, the light rays of the summer and the clear crystal clear waters welcome all holidaymakers.

Like the best in ASEAN, the long beach of Ngapali is long and knows a singular landscape. Ngapali Beach Hotels welcome you to take home a taste of beauty and a sense of quality with fond reminiscences. Accommodation and facilities are luxurious to maximise the comforts of the guests.

Superb roomsDouble bedrooms, warm & cool showers, a lounge area and large balcony. The rooms are on the beach side. Comfortable rooms with single berths, warm & cool showers, hairdryer, minibar, breakfast bowl, a lounge area and large verandah. The rooms are on the beach side. Superior Suite single or twin berths, warm & cool showers, hairdryer, minibar, fruits bowl, bottled brandy, TV, air conditioning, shaver connection 110V.

  • The amount due must be settled in cash on receipt directly to Scenic Gateway Travel employees or their representatives at Yangon International Airport or at the hotels. - You can travel to Myanmar via Yangon Airport and our employees and our corporate car will bring you to your accommodation for US $ (one way) for one and US $ per passenger for towing and more free of charge.

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