Accommodation Bagan Myanmar

Lodging Bagan Myanmar

The Bagan is an absolute place to enjoy the full warmth of Myanmar. Losing Bagan at the WEStay Bagan Lotus Hotel would not end your trip to Myanmar. Bogyoke Road and Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Burma's most iconic image is that of the temple-laden plains of Bagan - a truly unforgettable sight. Bagan Umbra Hotel is Bagan Myanmar is centrally located for the temples.


In order to get the best for your price, you can conveniently check rates across Bagan or in a specific area that best fits you. Making the most of a tight schedule and a tight schedule is another great way to get the most out of your investment is to spend some time in a nearby city.

With our detailled searching feature you can quickly and easily find a cheap accommodation that provides you with what is important for your journey, e.g. a specific topic, the number of star, a budgetary property with a swimmingpool or a hotel with free breakfasts. Whilst the avarage room in Bagan is £35/night, there is no need to spend so much.

In addition, we have 4 other ways to save: 4th - Saves up to 50% on weekends and holidays.

Lodging in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

The Bagan temple in Burma exceeded all my expectation - it really is a wonder of the earth, totally nice. I had a fantastic time in Bagan, like any other Burmese adventure, but it was something unique! It is not that I am pushing a certain accommodation, but this place is worth a particular note.

One of the best places I have ever visited was the Aung Mingalar Hotel in Nyang U (the best place to sleep when you see the Bagan temples). It' virtually 100m from Nyang U coach terminal, which is an absolutely God's gift when you get off a terrible 6-hour coach ride in Mandalay or Yangon without a real roads!

You will be welcomed by this beauty: Of what I get the rooms starting at $20 per doubles or doubles (that's what I had) or you can get your own cottage for $30, whisk an additional cot in the room for a third party for $5 and you'll seriously save yourself $8 per persons (around, yes please).

It is generally quite pricey, as it is probably the most tourist place in Burma, so this place is tearing off its sockers. Okay blokes, if you make you way to Bagan, make this place your favorite place and you're sure to have a crackling season.

So, when you're good to go.......

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