Abu Dhabi


Book your stay in our Aloft Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi with stylish amenities for social travellers. Tours Abu Dhabi Biggest hand-woven rug in the whole wide globe, quickest ride, highest tee, leanest steeple, biggest group of 21 st centuries heritage sites - UAE capitol Abu Dhabi is not scared to attack it. Abu Dhabi provides an opportunity for those interested in golf lovers to learn about UAE past and present through museum, exhibition, touring and dining.

Fortunately, however, the Emirati legacy is not packed in cardboard boxes and moored in mothballs, but is also relived through walks around the port of St. John the Baptist, bargaining at market stalls, recording the mood in shops and taking a stroll through the long and filmed corniche. Pick-up at your central Abu Dhabi location in a convenient, air-conditioned car and drive to your meeting point in the middle of the world.

Carry on your journey over the sandy beach, observe the lovely setting sun and arrive at your camp site in good time for further dessert activity and a tasty grill evening meal. Next, try to smoke a hookah (an Arabian whistle ) and observe a female bellydancer perform around a camp fire under a roof of sparkling starry sky directly from Arabian Nights.

Culture and Tourism Department

Tourist, Cultural and National Library we are working hard to help manage, promote, develop and commercialise Abu Dhabi's tourist industries through a variety of initiatives designed to promote and preserve the Emirate's unique cultural and cultural legacy. It is the mission of the tourist community to assist the development of Abu Dhabi into a world-class tourist resort, in line with our dedication to the conservation, promotion and use of Abu Dhabi's cultural and tourist resources.

It is our organization's mission to protect and enhance the Emirate's wealth of historical and artistic patrimony. Bringing the Abu Dhabi inheritance to life through a diverse program of culture activities, exhibits and museum, we want to present the Arab Republic as an internationally recognized city. The National Library, founded in 1981, is one of the UAE's biggest collections of scientific material and an important source of information for the intellectual, scientific and scholarly community.

National Library is in charge of setting up local, municipal, children's and portable library systems. Abu Dhabi as one of the world's premier destinations for recreation, business travel and event destinations, the New Year's Eve countdown village provides the visitor with an incomparable adventure..... In Al Ain during the summer months, the Al Ain International Summer Festivals offer a special event for families of all age groups.

Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism is delighted to host "The Archaeology 2018 Conference" in Al Ain.

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