Absolute Location of Myanmar

Myanmar's absolute location

Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and is located in both the Eastern and Northern hemispheres. Its southern edges are only a few degrees north of the equator. Myanmar borders the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Sea, the Gulf of Thailand and the countries of Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. The relative position basically indicates what the environment of a country is, while the absolute position is the exact point on the map expressed by the latitude and longitude of the country. It' located in the northeastern hemisphere.

Areas of latitude, longitude, absolute and relative sites

LOCATION RELATIVE: Burma is situated in South East Asia and is situated in both the East and North Hemisphere. Myanmar borders the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman Sea, the Gulf of Thailand and the lands of Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Which kind of government does Myanmar have? In Myanmar (Burma), which language is spoken?

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There are many areas in a given land that have to do with the concept of "location"..... Sectors such as absolute and absolute position, degree of longitude and parallel and hemispheres could be used to describe the "location" of a certain place. In essence, the location indicates what the environment of a land is, while the absolute location is the precise point on the chart represented by the degree of latitude and longitude of the land.

Burma is 22°C and 96°C, just a few degree below the balance. It' s in the northeast part of the world. Burma is in Southeast Asia. Burma also boasts waters. The Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal are just two of the waters bordering Myanmar.

We would not be able to tell where the place is without the real location of a place.

Which is the absolute location of Burma?

Southeast Asia, adjacent to the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand.... Burma, now known as Myanmar, lies in Southasia. It borders India and the Inidan to the west, China to the north, Laos and Thailand to the east and Malaysia to the south.

Myanmar and Burma are two different countries in Asia Pacific. Myanmar became the name of the city in 1989. Burma borders India and the Indic Oceans to the West, China to the N, Laos and Thailand to the E and Malaysia to the S... Angola's absolute position is 8. 83 degreeS and 13.

3 degree west. Eighty-833 degree ne, 35. Africa's absolute position is....between 35 degree northern and 35 degree southern and 20 degree eastern and 60 degree eastern. Germany's absolute position is 52 degree northern, 13 degree eastern. Germany's absolute position is 52 degree northern and 10 degree eastern. The absolute location refers to the degree of longitude and degree of latitude in which a particular area is situated.

Alabama's absolute position is 32° 22 foot N and 86 18 footW. Mississippi's absolute situation is 32. QUASl-DEADS: 0317 Western. Situated in Madison County, Canton has 13,189 inhabitants. Usually it is suitable for 30 -15° N latitude and 40 -55° E longitude.

Surprisingly, the land has verdant, fruitful areas to the north and south. GPS coordinates for the capital Riyadh are 24º42'3. 27 N length: South-Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Turkey's absolute location is 39.

E8333-degree. The absolute position of Durham, North Carolina is 35. 9072Ã'Â'° W. Durham, North Carolina has 239,358 inhabitants. France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy The relatively location of the country is in the south part of Camerica. Also, right between Mesoamerica and the South American continent.

Rabat's absolute position, Morocco is 34 degree 1' 12" N, 6 degree 50' 24" W. The altitude of Rabat is 82 ft above sea level. Portugal's absolute position is 38 degree and 42 min north, 9 degree and 8 min west. The location is due to the location of the capital Lisbon.

Situated in southeast Asia, Brunei is bordered by Malaysia and the South China Sea. Its geographical co-ordinates are 4 30 and 114 40 latitudes. The Filipino Islands lie between 4 and 21 latitudes and between 116 and 127 longitudes..... 10000 degree north, 122.

0000degree E. Its relocation is the western Pacific in Southeast Asia. "and about a half a mile east of the mobile base stations. 23333 degree nd, 21. Slovenia lies at 0167 degree E. Italia. Situated to the northwest of Croatia and southern of Austria.

Midwest Europe, encircled by, in the Netherlands. France and Luxembourg in the southern part. Vintinius in Lithuania is at 54 degree, 41 minute N 25 degree, 16 minute E! When you are in the army, where you are given and landed desertation of an isle that you have never even heared, they would give you the coodinates [ length and width ].

30 min 27 degree 30 min N, 99 degree 30 min W is directly at the International Bridge. In the centre of Niagara Square, in the town hall of Buffalo NY, the obelisk is on 42. 8864° northern latitude 78. 8781° western length. The Kansas lies between latitudes 37 and 40 and between 94 and 102° C.

98 degree south, 40 degree south. At the crossroads of Church St. and N. Neue St. is at . 40. 6187° NB 75. 3785° westerly length. Situated on the eastern Chinese frontier to India's eastern frontier. Winding from south of England from west over 200 leagues to south, from the Cotswolds to the northsea, where would you like to be absolute.

Valencia's absolute position is 39 degree northern and 0 degree western latitude. Filadelphia is situated in southeast Pennsylvania. It' s related is 55 leagues southward of Bagdad, absolutely 32 degree northerly, 45 degree easterly. it is situated in the Congo which has a shared boundary with the Democratic of the Congo. and that is in Africa.

Taiwan's co-ordinates are 23°46'N 121°0'E and are located 180 kilometres off the southeast Chinese coastline, across the Taiwan Strait. Situated in the north, the Philippine Sea in the east,..... Which is the absolute location of Burma?

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