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Myanmar (Burma) - The photo of Preetam Rai. Myanmar has been the focus of international attention in recent years. The Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon.

Journey through Yangon, Myanmar

It is an air photograph of Yangon, Myanmar's trading and manufacturing centre in Southeast Asia. It is Myanmar's biggest and most populous town. Myanmar's trading centre is located directly on the Yangon River. Small-sized vessels in Yangon harbour amidst bigger vessels.

Fisheries are vital both for the regional economies and as a means of feeding the population. There is a native angler who takes care of his net. Yangon River angler with his mate. Municipal fishers have to contend with merchant vessels that use calves, a large web of webs set free around an array of them.

Over-fishing is not the only ecological topic discussed in Yangon.

More about Yangon Myanmar

An alliance of English, Burma, Chinese as well as Hindu styles, Yangon is known for its colorful architectural style, which is an almost unparalleled example of a 19. cityscape. But Yangon is still a town of the past with its own heritage and culture. The best period to travel to Myanmar is between November and February to ensure a comfortable sojourn.

Burmese is the country's main foreign tongue, while English is widely used, especially for work. Myanmar's main localization is Myanmar Kyat. They may need a Myanmar Visum to travel to Myanmar and please see the Myanmar Evisa website for more information. Since visas take a long period of inactivity, applications for a letter of assistance should be submitted as soon as possible.

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