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Located on a mountain, Taunggyi (?????

???) is the capital of Shan State and by far the largest city in eastern Myanmar. Tunggyi, city, East-Central Myanmar (Burma). A few facts about Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar. Taiunggyi, is the meaning of "Big Mountain" in Burmese language. Locate the best accommodation in Taunggyi, Myanmar, with our very quick highlights search.

Myanmar Taunggyi - Land of Mystery in Shan State

Taiunggyi in Myanmar may seem less well known to some travellers, but it is thought to be a great stop. When you are only interested in his name or a related image, the following points can illustrate your interest in Taunggyi. The name Taunggyi (meaning "Huge Mountain" in the Myanmar language) is a major city of the Shan state in Myanmar.

It was Myanmar's fifth biggest town in terms of inhabitants in 2014. It is located 1,436 metres above sealevel. It is located about 500 km from Yangon in the northern and 10 km from Mandalay in the south-east. Taunggyi is located on a tableland bounded by solid mountain ranges as part of the Shan Hills system.

Phaya Taung is the distinctive driving force in the area. Taunggyi is safest for tourists with the Fire Balloon Festival (in November) and many old settlements, ancient settlements, mysterious caverns and many nationalities. Situated in the ridges, 40 minutes on foot eastwards from Taunggyi.

Sulamuni, however, was built in 1994 in Taunggyi in honour of its 100th anniversary. Are you interested in the Shan people's histories and lifestyles? Visit this cultural museum! It will give you an insight into the story so that you can find out a lot about Taunggyi and the outfits, arms, alto instrument and the old photographs of the Shan state.

It is one of the two Myanmar vines you should not miss. The Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival is the biggest regional festival in November next to Shan New Year's Day. Please consult your Burma based tour operator to personalize your itinerary! The Mya Sein Taung Pagoda was built in 1962 on the hills north-east of Taunggyi.

Since the mound is 1524m above sealevel, you can see the wonderful city of Taunggyi from here. It is a tranquil little hamlet between Taunggyi and Ho Pone. If you continue, you may come to the antique city of Ho Pone, where the Shan and Pa-O have been living for eternities. 42 km from Taunggyi City, you will see the imposing and extensive Hten San Caves.

It is located 3 km westwards of Taunggyi and is characterized by a long and low cavern with a small door. You can fly to Taunggyi from Heho International Aerodrome, about 40 km from Taunggyi. The journey from the Aiport to the German capitol is 45 min. If you are in other areas of Myanmar such as Mandalay, Yangon or Tachileik, there are comfortable connections to Taunggyi.

Taiunggyi is about 500 km from Yangon. As a result, the good riders are encouraged to travel from Yangon to Taunggyi even though the roads are full of curves and zigzag roads. However, the journey is very picturesque and you can await to savour the tragic landscape. When you go to Taunggyi, the first thing you can see is the amazing Sao Sam Htun Hospital or the Taunggyi Department Store.

In Taunggyi you may encounter different breeds that gather in some places. Otherwise, it is best to let your dependable bus tour operators take you there. It has a damp sub-tropical atmosphere. Its arid state is perfect for outside activity to the Taunggyi lagoons, towns and caverns.

When you appreciate the cold and arid atmosphere, you should make plans for your trip to Taunggyi! In the opinion of experienced travellers, September to November may be the best season to do so. It is remarkable that in November the Fire Balloon Festival is celebrated!

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