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Although this is what we hear most often about the country, there is a great and rich history beyond these issues. It has experienced an apparently endless series of conquerors and suffered decades of isolation. Myanmar National Holidays and National Holidays in Myanmar. Golden Triangle; History;

Government; Economy.

Myanmar Geography and History

Burma is situated in Southeast Asia, bordered to the western and southern parts by the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Lake, to the northern part by Bangladesh and India, and to the eastern part by China, Thailand and Laos.

Lordship continued for two hundred years and extended its dominion to the whole Menem valley in Thailand, crossing the present Myanmar-Borders.

At the height of the kingdom of King Alaungpaya (1852), the English sail into the history of the country. Burma experienced another reign of alien domination during the 1942 Allied invasion of Japan until the Allies returned in 1945. In January 1948, after more than 100 years of Colonization, Myanmar became an autonomous country through the fight for independency of General Aung San (the ancestor of the well-known democratic hero Aung San Suu Kyi), who was brutally murdered by his rival politicians a months before the country's liberation.

Burma is starting to shake off the momentum and accelerate its economic expansion with its newly found democratic system, which emerged when Thein Sein, the present Myanmar presidency, introduced new reform after its victory in the 2010 poll. Myanmar is still suffering from racial conflicts and extreme levels of extreme poverty, despite the government's work.

The lifting of Myanmar's global penalties, however, gives rise to people's hopes for a better tomorrow that they so much merit.

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