About Myanmar Country Essay

On Myanmar Country Essay

Burma has several beautiful scenes and different historical sites. Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country between India and Thailand. On Myanmar Country Essay Essay On Land on Myanmar Country Essay, on Myanmar Country Essay On Myanmar Country Essay. A number of countries around the world are home to a wealth of cultures and peoples. But I can't recommend this country enough.

A photo essay from Myanmar (Burma)

It' early tonight when I first arrived in the Golden Land. A remnant of the colonialist movement, where they now travel on the right-hand side but still use left-hand coaches. This was my first foretaste of the difference between the timeless and the evolution of Burma.

It' a giant gold pavilion that towers over the town, welcoming visitors, travellers and friars all year. The most interesting thing is in the evenings, when the natives come home after work and fill every nook and cranny of the gold cupola to prayer. I' m waiting and listening as the quiet buzzing of the buzzing begins, a noise that accompanies me on my journeys through the country; a memory of the country's powerful spirit and serenity.

I have now been to Burma twice, the first trip with a rucksack through the country to explore the Bagan Temple and walk through the Shan uplands. It was a place where I saw those who were friendlier than I had ever thought, a place caught between traditions and a state of disruption, a place that wanted to evolve and prosper as desperately as its neighbours.

In fact, entry into Burma is like a step back in history, but in the towns there is a frantic wish for more. Now, everyone had a cell phone - which was an extremely rare item last year - and Wi-Fi was loved in many caf├ęs visited by youngsters. My country seemed to have become a country of contrast, somewhere between the old agelessness I had suffered the year before and the wish to evolve and modernize to meet the needs of the tourist.

To a certain extent, I found it a disgrace that these individuals behind their locked hotels would never see what continues to make Myanmar so unique - its peoples. I was happy that I could still go to the corner of the country and found the same beautiful thing that I had found the year before.

At Hsipaw, I was sitting in Mrs. Popcorn's yard eating Burma food and home-made lime. Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the country's legitimate ruler, has taken on the part she should have taken in Myanmar a few weeks ago. The country is opening up, things are opening up, training will be simpler than ever, the public will at last have outside contact and overseas makes will be lined the roads of Yangon and Mandalay.

Indeed, it is an astonishing transformation for the Myanmar population. Though the number of tourists will increase and Burma will not always be as "untouched" as it was a few years ago, I have no doubts that it will preserve the beautifulness that made it so unique, the beautifulness that made me fell in Love with this stunning country.

Because this tranquillity and singularity was not in the secluded and backward countryside of the country, but in the nice and wild humans I encountered on my journeys. They' ll stay, and they' ll keep Burma one of the most unique places in the game. Soon after graduation, she fallen in great affection for Asia and has since been spending time in India, Nepal, Myanmar and many other countries.

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