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Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia, despite its rich natural resources. This poses major health challenges for the country. The authorities further restricted humanitarian access throughout the country. Burma is one of the priority countries for Norwegian aid. Burma is a resource-rich country in a region of strong economic growth, bordering India, China and Thailand.

and the Rohingya of Myanmar? Bangladesh - Bangladesh

" Buddhaist assaults on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, have increased in recent few days following the raping and killing of a Buddhaist women in May. The human right groups say that the police are also part of the specific assaults that began in June.

In Bangladesh, however, thousand more have been rejected. Rohingya are thought to be 800,000 in Myanmar's Rakhine state and another 200,000 in Bangladesh. Neither of these countries recognizes them. Burma has long been confronted with many of its minority groups, and the new administration has approved a truce with many of them.

However, last weeks Thein Sein, Myanmar's current chairman, said the answer is either to sending tens of thousands of Rohingya to another nation or to let the UN take care of them. Rohingya is one of the Arakan, not Burma..... "We will take the blame for the national origin, but it is not at all possible to identify Rohingya who are not part of our ethnicity," he said.

"There is a risk that the current upheaval of democracy and the countrys progress towards democracy and tranquillity could be seriously compromised and much would be wasted. Are Rohingya's predicament consciously ignored? JJustin Wintle, a researcher and writer of Perfect Hostage, a bio of Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the Myanmar Movement, Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch Asia Department CEO Mohamed Noor, a Rohingya policy campaigner, and Dina Madani of the Muslim Minorities and Communities Department of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.

"Aung San Suu Kyi expressed her condolences when the local government violent attack struck Rakhine state, but so far she has said nothing about giving them the right to nationality, and someone has to do it in Myanmar. "THE ROHINGYAS!

In Myanmar, the UN has estimated that there are about 800,000 Rohingya, among them Bengali inheritance residents who moved here hundreds of years ago and those who have come to the island in recent years. However, the Myanmar Act only regards those who established themselves in the land before the 1948 war.

In addition to the puzzlement over who is an irregular migrant, there is the great exit of Rohingya, who escaped to Bangladesh in the 1980' and 1990' for prosecution. "We have called on all member states, as part of the Umma of Islam, to contact our prosecuted Moslem brethren and use the world forums to put joint force on Myanmar to end the violence."

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