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Burma is a mystical country. It is a land of hills and valleys, mountains and beaches, temples and jungles. National profile on nutrition and child trends. In a country that has said goodbye to the dictatorship, economic information and the collection of evidence are of course difficult. Myanmar's country report contains security information on crime, politics and terrorism as well as travel advice and tips for your security.

Myanmar Orientation

Burma is a mystic country. It is a country of hill and valley, mountain and beach, temple and jungle. The north Himalayas frontier with Tibet, the thick golden triangle and thick trekking mounds and the junction of the Mekong with Thailand and Laos, the Mandalay plain to the Ayeyarwaddy and down to the Hundred and Hundred of dispersed tropic isles of the Andaman seas, the visitors cannot miss the wonder of Myanmar and all the miracles it has to provide.

It is a country full of the old world's rich heritage and cultural heritage, full of the charms of a way of living that is quickly vanishing in the remainder of the globe today. While this is an evident set-back for Myanmar's people, it is a intriguing glimpse into an old Asiatic civilization that will certainly fall victim to the great modernization that is taking place in Asia today.

Located at the westernmost point of the South East Asia land mass, Myanmar is one of the most physical varied and finest lands in the area. Despite the continuing policy issues, it is still a country of great interest for travellers, and your trip is of great benefit and encouragement to the commoner.

It is a place like no other, from its majestic scenery and wealth of historical treasures to its tranquil inhabitants and deep Buddhaist civilization, that offers visitors a real source of miracles and joys unparalleled in today's age. Let us show you our beautiful country with our committed and committed local community.

Burma/Myanmar | National Democratic Institute

Legislative Elections 2015 - the first general government in the country in 25 years - resulted in an overt win by the NLD and introduced new votes to the country's federal, state and local governments and the judiciary. The Institute also supports PACE and other civil society groups in developing proposals to enhance the electoral process in the years to come.

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