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Myanmar: the royal and golden country. This is an update from Hnin, our country manager in Burma. We have statues from Burma. Even in neighbouring Asian countries little is known about this country. When in Myanmar (Burma) you have to add this country step to your El Camino's!

SOAS Ressources by Land - Burma

Burma/Myanmar Online Library contains an index of full text material about Burma on the web. This website contains messages, reviews, campaigns and general information about Burma. The website contains information about the tourist industry, economy, religious issues, e-government programs and the latest developments. The newsletter contains essays and current affairs, focusing on issues of humanitarian law and the current policy context.

The website contains articles and messages about Burma. Myanmar Netnews offers a headline list of Burma every day. It is their task to use their young talents to make investments in Burma's prosperous democrat. This website contains information about the fellowship and related novelties.

Myanmar/Burma - a country in crisis

While Burma/Myanmar has long been ignored as a field of studies, interest in this land is increasing..... The course provides a complete overview of Burma's past, present and future. This first part of the course presents Burma's postcolonial and postcolonial histories and policies.

In the second part, a number of current topics such as armed forces government, conflicts and ethnical uprising, asylum and humanitarian law, drug trafficking, environmental and economic affairs, and discussions on the pressures for interna -tional changes are discussed. By the end of the term, the student will have a general grasp of the Burma/Myanmar past, present and future of the country, from pre-colonial to postcolonial and postcolonial times.

Besides completing two analytic articles on allocated subjects, they will also conduct their own research on course-relevant subjects of their choice, improving their librarian research capabilities and their capacity to evaluate critical reference material on Burma/Myanmar related subjects. ANU uses Turnitin to improve the quoting and reference technique of current and future undergraduates and to evaluate the submission of assignments as part of the university's academic integrity management work.

Although the use of Turnitin is not compulsory, the ANU advises that Turnitin be used by both teachers and undergraduates. The student can count on spending 11 lessons per class per week, including classes, tutorials and self-study. Coursework is for the year indicated at the top of the page.

You have to cover your study expenses if you are a German alumnus or an intern. The study fee is subscribed yearly. For more information on study tuitions and other charges for German and foreign applicants, see Academic Charges. When you are a college or college degree and a place sponsored by the Commonwealth, your course fee is determined by the Government of Australia for each course.

The amount of the tuition for each course can be found underees. Please note: The charge information is only valid for the present year.

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