Ibrahim (Arabic: ?????

????, Abh?) is the capital of the province of Asir in Saudi Arabia. *Abha Tata Power encourages women to'earn while you learn'.

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Ibrahim (Arabic: ?????????, Abh?) is the Saudi Arabian capitol of the state of Asir. Located 2,200 meters above the surface in the fruitful hills of southwestern Saudi Arabia, near the Asir National Park. Abha's temperate weather makes it a favourite travel spot for Saudis. In 1918, the Prince of Asir, Yahya bin Hasun Al Ayde, grandchild of Ibn Ayed, came back to his home in Abha, which was completely independently captured.

The 1920 Ikhwan tribe of Nejd, faithful to Ibn Saud during the unification of Saudi Arabia, captured Asir. Ancient Abha has many historical places like fortresses and other places, thanks to the regional culture. The Jeddah-Abha coast highway was finished in 1979. 2 ] A SAPTCO coach terminal links Abha with other Saudi Arabia cities.

Abha consists of four districts, the biggest of which contains a fortification. Other remarkable Abha monuments are the Abha Great Mosque,[3] the Al-Tahy Restaurant,[4] the Abha Palace Park and the Fun Park at Lag Sadd. 3 ] The New Abha five-star resort is a new building on the shores of the lakeside, 1.5 km south-west of the capital.

3 ] The headquarters and key press facilities of Al Watan, a large newspaper in the state of Saudi Arabia, are located in Abha. The King Khalid Univeristy is a publicly funded institution in Abha. It was founded in 1999 by the merger of Imam Muhammed bin Saud of Islamic Studies and King Saud the South.

Asir is situated in the south of Asir at an altitude of 2270 metres (7448 feet) above sealevel. The town of Abha is situated on the west side of Mount al-Hijaz,[2] near Jabal Sawda, which some call the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia. Abha's weather is cool and semi-arid (Köppen: BSk)[6] and is affected by the altitude of the town.

He rarely sees a temperature increase above 35 °C (95. 0 °F) during the year. It has an average annual rainy year of 278 millimeters, most of which falls between February and April, with a second small rainy period in July and August. Leap to the top ^ "Saudi Arabia: the biggest capitals and their populations".

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