Abessinier Katt

Abyssinian calico

Photo from the archive of Ängssyra Abyssinian calico. Anggssyra Abyssinian calico - Ladda is from Getty Images' iStock. I' ve taken life in the village, but it's not that easy. * Oldie but goldie * baby cat *catt *love *swden. enzoandnalase.

That'?s our little rebel #aby #cat #abessinier #abessinier #catt.


The Nour is a deer brown Abyssinian, which is the least widespread of the four primary Abyssinian colors. She was named Best in Variant at the Fife World Cat Show 2017, which means that she was the best roe deer teat of the judges! She' s also a Fife Junior Winner, which means she was honored Best in Show five occasions before the ten-month-old.

Tamino, red masculine & Papageno, beige masculine. And Papageno enjoys the much needed peace between the mad heats. Pamina, reddish bitch (not available) & Papagena, reddish bitch (available). Dadageno ? Dadagena. We want the best possible home for every kitten and we want to get to know you personally.

You' re welcome to come and see us in our house in Skarpnäck to see the cats in their home area.


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