Abandoned City in Burma

Forsaken city in Burma

In Burma, there's one town almost nobody's ever heard of. Myanmar's bizarre empty capital with the drone | Coconuts TV. Oddly enough, this ghost town became the capital of Burma a decade ago when the government announced that it would move the capital of Rongoon for no apparent reason. This is not the case with this "ghost town". We' ve tried to find a half-day tour of the city without success.

The little-known abandoned city in Burma is.....

Burma's secret city was constructed to accommodate tens of thousands of people, but today less than a million inhabitants are living in Naypyidaw. It is a big city that looks like a true spirit city, and most of the West has never known. Myanmar is an Asiatic nation with stringent governance and law of censure.

In 2005 the capitol was relocated from Yangon to Naypyidaw, and the remainder of the globe was amazed to find out. Thing is, the city was still undiscovered at that point in the process, as building did not begin until 2002. Completion of the quaint city was by 2012.

20 lane motorways are always empty: Before it was constructed, the area was totally uninhabited, so Naypyidaw was constructed right in the heart of the jungles. Oddly enough, even today you hardly see anyone running on the city' s roads, especially on weekdays..... Several of the houses in Naypyidaw are unbelievably beautiful:

Burma's capitol looks forlorn. Goverment never declared the need to construct such a large city. While there are many luxury and touristic places to visit, the city still does not seem to attract many people. Burma's empty capitol can be seen from a bird's perspective: Have you ever seen Burma's spooky city?

Do you want to see the city with your own eye?

Forsaken City, 6 times the size of NYC, is a pure enigma.

The former Myanmar sovereigns (the land formerly known as Burma) eight years ago said the city of Yangon would move to Naypyidaw. And Yangon was a vibrant city centre. Naypyidaw is more of a haunted city. Forsaken towns: Naypyidaw, Burma is a very strange city.

It' s the country's main city, but few in the world have ever seen it, and even fewer have actually been there. Foreign nationals and laborers don't want to come, let alone living in the abandoned city. The majority of respondents choose to travel from the more vibrant city of Yangon every day. A huge amount of funds was invested in the concept of accommodating billions of inmates.

Nevertheless, there are hardly any inhabitants, only very few blue-collar worker, and the city seems to be almost empty. Roads are made for many automobiles and humans, but they are virtually empty, which is a puzzle. Under the city there are theory that there is a labyrinth of subterranean galleries constructed by North Korean engineers.

A weird place in Naypyidaw is the airfield. At the brandnew Aiport there are a few employees, but it is virtually empty and since its opening in 2011 not used. The city' s inhabitants have been found to be 1 million, but most believe that this is an overstatement.

It should be a world-renowned tourism centre with stores and restuarants, but that didn't really work out.

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