A place I would like to Visit in Myanmar

I would like to visit in Myanmar

To visit one of the best places in Myanmar, please contact us. I would like to visit in Myanmar. There are many wonderful places I would like to visit. What are your favourite places to visit? There is nothing like a delicious cocktail and a massage after a long day of exploration.

The best sights in Myanmar

There are many faces to Myanmar, from city researchers to people who love to visit sanctuaries, from wildlife enthusiasts to Beachboys. These are our top ten places to visit while travelling in Myanmar: In Myanmar's crone, Bagan is the gem, about 2000 antique churches in an area about the approximate scale of Manhattan.

Similarly beautiful and extensive as Ankhor Wat in Cambodia, but with far fewer people, a journey can become an enjoyable and impressive one. At sunrise tens of hot air balloons rise over the pagoda, while the sun sets brings with it a much more lively palette of orange and red wines.

Encircled by hills, the always tranquil Inle Sea is full of fishers, stilted hamlets, various schools of bird species and overcrowded wood boat trips to and from remote town. Visiting here is all about the natural surroundings and relaxation in the simple atmosphere of living by the lakeside. Among the high points of the journey are the observation of fishers growing in their legs, cruising through several of the many intriguing swimming communities on the shore, the sight of beautiful sundowns over the waters and the experience of the many attractions, scents and smile of the Nyaung Shwe Morgenmarkt.

When you have the chance, visit Indein, Nyaung Oak and Shwe Inn Thein Paya, famed for their enchanting groups of old brittle rabbits and breathtaking mythological creature sculptures. A visit to Lake Inle is the ideal way to enjoy a one or two days in the midst of an unbelievable nature and discover Myanmar's people.

Myanmar's biggest town, it is still the country's most important trading centre and gate for most people. Yangon has much more to offer than trade: nice architectural beauty, pulsating night life, varied culture and fine cuisine. The variety is mirrored in the fabulous dining and night life that contrast Chinatown Barbecue with hotspots and caraoke, Myanmar St snack with lush India curry and regional breweries with tasty sea foods and sushi.

There are also many different places of worship: monasteries, church, mosques as well as synaagogues. In fact, no Myanmar exploration can be regarded as great without a visit to the mythical 100-meter high Shwedagon Pagoda, whose stupa is clad in 40 tonnes of foliage-glass. Attend a visit to one of the city' s traditional fairs, drink with the natives in one of the teashops and enjoy the magic of Yangon.

Mandalay, the former imperial capitol in northern Myanmar, is the country's second biggest town and the countrys culture heard. With a length of 1.2 km over the flat Taungthaman Lake, it is considered the longest wooden deck in the whole wide area. When you take the opportunity to continue exploring Mandalay, there is more to enjoy, among them many churches, convents and market places, as well as great road cuisine and sights.

The Ngapali is Myanmar's most famous seaside resort on the Bengal coastline (in the state of Rakhine). Guests can discover pristine jungle and rolling countryside, scenic sections of sandy and palm trees, and luxurious resort areas alongside historic fishermen's communities. In Ngapali there is an unbelievable variety of activities: views of busy market towns with welcoming village people, gold sanctuaries and palagodas, canoeing, snorkelling among the fish, excursions with a boat or biking on the sands.

In Ngapali there are also several fishermen's settlements that provide a piece of typical tourist lifestyle. The Mrauk U is an archeologically important city in the north of Rakhine State and may at first sight be a dozy city. Mrauk U emperors constructed many martyrs and monasteries around the city to show their devotion - so many that Mrauk U ranks second in number of martyrs and monasteries it owns after Bagan.

A particularly noteworthy place is the 1553 Kothaung Temple (Mrauk U's largest), which shows an amazing 90,000 pictures of Buddha. While Mrauk U is a noteworthy place for many reason, its agelessness and relatively low attendance give you the unique chance to think of Myanmar as it was a few years ago. Concealed in the Shan Mountain is the former UK mountain terminal of Kalaw, a wonderful little city about 1.5 hrs by car from Lake Inle.

The state of Shanghai is regarded as the most scenic area of the land with outstanding scenery and wildlife, which includes some aromatic plants used in regional cuisine and ancient cuisine. Many small towns in the orbit of Calaw where you can find out a little about their lives, from gathering and processing teas to making them.

It is also known for its revolving fair, which is held every five days around the Kalaw/Inle area. An is the Karen state capitol and one of the most important travel destination in Myanmar. Famed for its lovely caverns, crystalline swimming pool, superb walks and scenic mountain scenery, Hpa An has a great deal to do.

Most of the cave contains Buddha pictures and engravings that go back several hundred years, although a flashlight makes the adventure more pleasant and safe, as the light in the large cave can be minimum. And if you like walking, you have the possibility to climb Mount Zwekabin (about 2 hours) to get to the top of the convent and watch an inspirational sundown.

A further favourite sport is the ascent of the Kyauk Ka Lat (pronounced chocolate) pagoda (paya), a cliff formations with a gold stupa at the top. The Kyauk Ka Lat is situated on a small islet in the midst of a pond. If you are a trekker - are you willing to explore Kyauk Me? This is still unfamiliar to most travellers, making it a great place to explore a more genuine Myanmar.

It is a notable place to live, hike and secure for the futurolog. It' s also a good idea to visit the various convents on the central hillside and the lovely Kyakthanlan Convent, which is a great place to observe the sunrise or sunset. To visit one of the best places in Myanmar, please contact us.

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