A Muse

One Muse

a( museum) restaurant is located in Rehoboth Beach Delaware and is a place for guests to enjoy a taste of progressive mid-Atlantic cuisine. Filmmakers often talk about a certain actor being a muse - which means that the actor inspired a film. You can book now at a(MUSE.) in Rehoboth Beach, DE. At a(MUSE.

) we serve inspired food and drink every day.

a( MUSE.) - inspiring eating and drinking.

In a( MUSE.) we are creating foods that are deeply ingrained in the gastronomic traditions and that also use today's cooking technologies. By sourcing the highest value from our area, sourcing sustainably grown shellfish, working with natural animal-raising communities, and nourishing our country so that our visitors can truly appreciate a contemporary Mid-Atlantic cuisine.

Snacks at the pub, an informal supper or a party with your family, you will be delighted by our many different meals. You can order from the menus or let us put together a degustation meal with a selection of regional and Middle Atlantic cuisine.

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