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Area code 028 applies throughout Northern Ireland including Belfast. For Myanmar area code, mobile area code and format for calling in Myanmar (country code 95), dial the country you are calling from below: Countries, areas and area codes the country code, area code and local number. Luxembourg (Mobile) 95, Port Said 66, Shebin El Kom 48, Sohag 93,. Complimentary search of mobile phone codes +91-95, how to call India phone numbers, area codes, time zones.

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Area code 028 applies throughout Northern Ireland and Belfast. In Northern Ireland the fixed numbers have eight-digit number. First two numbers give more detailed information about which range a number comes from. There are 028 numbers, fixed numbers at default tariffs.

The 028 numbers should be shown in the 028xxxxx or ( (028) ×xxx xxxx format, with the first blank always between'028' and the eight-digit city number. 4 441 28 xxxxxxx. 028 has been in existence since April 2000, when it superseded a dozen different prefixes in Northern Ireland.

1995Northern Ireland uses a wide range of area code formats (01xxx) and (01xxxx). Numbers are either 5 or 6 characters long, according to the area. 2000All area code numbers in Northern Ireland withdrew and substituted by a unique code 028. Fixed numbers extended to eight characters in all areas.

2005Local numbers from'95' added. 2014Local numbers beginning with'72' and'96' added.

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Area: Portable access code for India: How to call India Phone from: Just type in an Indian cell phone number in the right global file size, lookup: 91/+obile code + city number.... for immediate results!

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The code is associated with Burma. It may be necessary to obey specific directions to call numbers from different locations. Usually you have to use the extension +95 Countrycode to call numbers in Burma. In order to track an IBN with any code, you can use the utility IBN Tracker, which will help you to find out the origin of your number.

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