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8 m flight

Booking flights and read 30 reviews on Myanmar Intl Find out about Myanmar Intl fees and the latest flight information. Departure, day, from, to, departure, arrival. EIGHT 232, 1, 2, 4, 7, SIN, RGN, 1325, 1415. Burma Airways International (8M) Online Booking & Reservation. 6 MYANMAR AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL, 8M, 232, 1520h, 231, 0820h, Singapore, Daily, row E.

Nyuang u To Yangon flight schedule ( 4 flights found).

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Do you plan a voyage from Nyuang u to Yangon on a Myanmar Intl flight? Here's everything you need to know about the voyage. Once you have purchased your Nyuang u-Yangon Myanmar Intl tickets, you can always verify your Nyuang u-Yangon Myanmar Intl number. Which is the estimated flight time from Nyuang u to Yangon in a Myanmar Intl flight?

From Nyuang u to Yangon a non-stop flight from Myanmar Intl lasts about 1h30.

A review of the flight of Myanmar Airways International from Singapore to Bangkok in business

The last flight I made in 2012 and the first flight in 2013 would be with a rarely operated and registered carrier, Myanmar Airways International. While I was looking for low-cost Bangkok over the New Year season, most low-cost carriers sold services from $200 to over $300 when I came across Myanmar Airways International (MAI) and offered everyday services on the SIN-BKK itinerary at a very low cost of $240 all-in!

Apparently MAI has resumed the RGN-BKKKK-SIN service in addition to the 5. In addition, MAI has contracted two A320 aircraft from BH Air of Bulgaria to carry out the new services and to take off more. It' s not every day that you have a possibility to take the MAI and so the flight was arranged in no short at all!

At present, MAI does not provide an on-line check-in services and must therefore register at Terminal 1 by hand at the check-in desks. Although the flight to Yangon is scheduled via BKK, the flight actually ends in BKK and would not continue the next day with the same flight number from BKK to RGN.

MAI seems to have set up this line exclusively for SIN-BKK vv-customers. However, I am not sure how MAI can be able to compete with only 1x a day flight on the track. The flight was very easy, according to the check-in agents. I suppose MAI has to do a whole bunch more promotion for this flight!

I have a late flight from BKK. The LZ-BHH rented by BHA would operate the flight. From the number of passengers at the gates, the weight on this flight was really low! Flight should not be more than 50% full. Has been greeted at the front doors by a Myanmar MAI Purserin (in Burma's traditionally Burmese orange MAI uniform), a masculine MAI team and a BG bra airline team.

I later learned that the BH Luft crews are mainly responsible for monitoring the security of the flight. Altogether 5 Burmesian MAI crews (3 women, 2 boys) and a bra airline crews were on the flight. Bulgarish translation. Refreshment wipes were handed out by the flight deck while they waited for push-back.

It would not be traveling by air with Myanmar citizens, as the aircraft would stop in Bangkok at noon. The flight duration was advertised as 2 hours and the security demo was conducted by hand. Lithuanian translation. Directly after switching off the seat belt shields, the flight deck was launched with a newspaper van carrying a selection of Straits Times, Bangkok Post and some other offers.

These were also available on demand for those who needed pillows/blankets (I didn't know until the flight home), but the pillows/blankets were picked up at the end of the flight. The next one is the major meeting of a. ka meals. On this flight, a full lunch is offered together with a choice of beverages.

Two wagons were rolling down the corridor with two crews per wagon. The catering was effective, even too effective, because the flight seemed so hasty, although the flight was very empty. I felt like the flight was on a SIN-KL 30 min flight serving a dinner!

It'?s my lunch box. There was also a gelatin pudding and potable running water on the plate. Once the serving tablets were distributed, the team returned by car to provide coffee/tea or more beverages. I' had a cup of tee to finish dinner. Overall, the MAI crews served on mediocre terms. Unlike the Jetstar-trained pureer, the remainder of the MAI crews seemed very reserved, with minimum interactions with other travellers as the necessary.

Only the only BG bra airline team helped to clear the tray towards the end of the mealservice. Almost 45 minutes after the start, the tablets were picked up. At the end of the flight, the flight deck staff stayed in the kitchen for the remainder of the flight and looked only for the seat belts when the seatbelts came up.

Today the team would serve 3 sections, RGN-BKKK-SIN-BKK, overnight stop in BKK, and the last BKK-RGN section the next mornings. Nothing much of an influence since it was not the top session and we ended up at Rwy Janl at 1717hrs BKK B.K. hour, 16min ahead of timetable. One Tiger and one SQ flight from SYN also arrived in front of us within 5 mins.

Wow, that was 4 departures from Singapore (TG/TR/SQ/8M) within 20 minutes! The ANA, BA and El Al rest before their flight later in the night. A young and growing company with high aspirations in the near term, it has primarily reached the foundations of a full services provider, but needs to do more to enhance its services (e.g. IFE, better food and comforts, more responsiveness of the flight attendants, better frequented flier programmes) and alter the perception of the company (my peers have gone mad).

Typical flight duration is 2h-21min.

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