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The 7Day News Journal photo was shared by Myanmar News & Society. 7Day News Journal apk 3. The 7Day News Journal (Daily News), the leading daily newspaper in Myanmar (Burmar). VOA, eleven shows, 7 days TV and ForInfo News. Newspaper Were Here Count.

A 7DAYS paper, shutdown website

The free popular journal 7DAYS closes its gates invoking a provocative buisness concept that would not allow the 13-year-old magazine to go on operating. Fewer than a month after trimming its newspaper edition every day to a weekday, 7DAYS Media magazine owner said on Wednesday in a briefing that it will switch the newspaper and its on-line news website by the end of the year.

On December 22, the latest edition of 7DAYS - held by the UK's General Trust and Daily Mail - will be rolled off the press, the company said in a declaration on Symedia. Mark Rix, the company's Chief Executive Officer, said: "The present retail landscape and prospects for printed advertisements remain very difficult.

Although it was our declared intent to refocus and reorganize the company's operations for 2017 and beyond, it has not been possible to establish an adequate expense basis for sustained and sustained operations since then.

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The Myanmar press reform: Publishing and be doomed?

As of April 1, Myanmar would again allow private dailies. The news was welcomed with a mix of anxiety and reassurance in the newsroom, where businesses and reporters have campaigned for the right to produce, print and distribute a paper every 24hrs.

One of the country's highest-circulation publication's editor-in-chief, U Thaung Su Nyein of the 7Day News Journal, was not sure his side would be up and running in April. "There is a great deal of work on a day-to-day basis - finances, personnel, machines, more processes and also responsibility. We' ll do our best to run until April every day.

It could be a late start," says U Thaung Su Nyein, who is also CEO of the 7Days publishing house Information Matrix. Some newspapers will not make the switch from a week to a day, and he said the week's markets would become more competitiv. However, Mr Ross Dunkley, CEO of Myanmar Consolidated Media, which is publishing the Myanmar Times in English and Myanmar, said he was optimistic that his organization would make the move successfully.

Whereas eight to ten dailies are reported to appear soon, Mr Dunkley said there is "no room for ten or even half of them". Magazines that lack personnel or funding can join forces with like-minded publishing houses or concentrate on smaller geographical areas such as a particular town or state and area.

Venus News Journal proprietor Dr. Myo Min Htike said he had already started conversations with "some of my best friend who have the same enthusiasm and mind to make it public every day". Although his paper is still a newspaper, he said he intended to change its content in order to stay ahead of the competition in the market.

Exiled publishing houses face the challenges of confronting incumbent actors in an industrial sector that is facing the greatest change since the return of privately owned publishing houses after 1988. The Irrawaddy Magazine's Myanmar publisher Ye Ni agrees that the best placed businesses with the best available funding and well-established sales network would have the first benefit in the world.

"A number of entrepreneurs publish different kinds of magazines: for example popular, sports, world news, economic and national. You could summarize all the magazines into one single paper," he said. However, everyone agrees that the everyday circulation of a paper throughout the entire land would be almost out of the question with the present sales system, especially if almost all employees are limited to Yangon and Mandalay branches.

We' re definitely going to face the issue of dissemination," said U Kyaw Min Swe, editor-in-chief of The Voice Weekly. Secondly, we need to have branch offices in every Township, as the state papers already do. He said The Voice is considering either to publish as an evenings paper or to focus on just a few towns to make it possible to get a copy out to the reader in sometime.

"Like the Yangon Metropolitan Newspaper[published by the Yangon Metropolitan Development Committee], for example, which concentrates only on the urban areas of Yangon. It is a small edition and does not have to be sent to other towns. "cWe can' t rival the state papers (K50 a day) because the state subsidizes all three," said U Kyaw Min Swe.

Myanmar reader are not used to using newspapers and recycling papers that are suited for a day to day use. The majority of periodicals in the area use wood-free printing papers, which are more costly. A further challange will be to improve co-operation between the audio-visual sector and other actors, in particular civil servants, to prevent issues such as litigation, said U Thaung Su Nyein.

"Neither the audio-visual industries nor the governments are cooperating. On 28 December, the Ministry of Information stated that it would allow legitimate persons and organizations to start publishing personal dailies not only in Myanmar, but also in non-Myanmar and non-Myanmar dialects from 1 April. A number of criterions could pose a problem for publishing houses, in particular that candidates "must provide a common reference point that includes the purposes of publishing, the target group of the reader, the type of paper, the organisation, the ethical codex, the codes of practice and the codes of practice both in Myanmar and in English".

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