77 Cake Myanmar

75-year Myanmar cake

Seventy-seven Cake has six offices in Yangon. Store 6 is open on the 3rd floor of Myanmar Plaza, corner of Kabaraye Pagoda Road and No.1 Industrial Road, Yankin Township, Yangon. There is a variety of delicious cheesecakes and one of the famous shops in Yangon. The Myanmar Music Association Compound, Dhamadarna St.

, Nat Chaung Ward, Tamwe Township. No. 192, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, 3rd floor, HAGL Myanmar Plaza, Bahan, Yangon.

Cash registers | Gandamar Business Solutions

Cash registers for small and medium-sized companies. Off-the-shelf cash registers convenient managed cash register solution for your company. A scaleable busi-ness kiosk for developing together with the customer. On this occasion we would like to present you the Casio Cashier case report. Rangoon Tea House" Myanmar eating place, which uses Casio V-R100.

Pearl Bakery", which uses Casio SE-S400. The Casio cashier allows the customer to benefit; - prevent operating errors in a business. - the collection of point by point of sale information and assists in analysing the sale. The following clients also use the Casio Cashier. The Casio cashier contributes to the branch business!

Chillax Bistro, Nyaungshwe, Myanmar - Best Cake Review

They were both tasty with the blossom lettuce and potatoe lettuce, but the best part was the cakes. It is a very pleasant place with a relaxing ambience. You make a cocktail and have a meal with some greens, hamburgers etc. It was a delightful lettuce. It was really neat and kind -- nutrition tight, my re would be to go for the vicetempura that is actually awesome. Sure.

With a very angry belly I found myself and the meal in Myanmar was NOT good for me. You have a good choice of westernsalads, noodles and other meals. In contrast to the critiques of other diners who try to make traditional meals, the macaroni meals were delicious! In the end I ate pastta twice because it was good and my belly was good.

Multicultural cookbook for college kids, 2nd edition - Lois Sinaiko Webb, Lindsay Grace Cardella

The Multicultural Cookbook for College Cooks was widely praised in its first publication for its unparalleled way of bringing college scholars closer to both global culture and cuisine. Now this groundbreaking book is back in a thoroughly reworked and extended new version and offers an even more richly varied gastronomic journey through the globe with even more delicious stopovers.

A multicultural cookbook for students: Up-to-date and reworked, it features dozens of formulas from over 150 different nations, 140 of which are new for this issue. Formulas are sorted according to geographical area, then according to home market. From one to three different prescriptions and a brief guide to the geographical, historical and gastronomic tradition of each land.

Not only will our food be delicious, but they will also be able to see why these meals are prestigious for the country they come from.

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