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(7 June), as it is a matter of combating inflammation. Shoaib Mohammed, 7, was shot in the chest in Myanmar. Get local, international & sports news, lifestyle tips, travel tips etc. via SMS at the best price! Forced labour sentenced to seven Myanmar soldiers for the murder of Rohingya Muslims.


7 Myanmar troops condemned to 10 years in prison for massacres in Rohingya

Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing's Facebook page, the army said that seven troops "took actions against them" because they "contributed to and participated in the killing". Rohingya men from the north Rakhine town of Inn Din were laid to rest in a collective burial in early September after being chopped or killed by fellow Buddhists and troops.

These killings were part of a wider military action against the Rohingya, which was plagued by accusations of assassination, robbery, rape, fire and pillage in reaction to Rohingya's military attack on the police at the end of August. Both the United Nations and the United States called it ethnical purification - an allegation denied by Myanmar.

"Three of the four officer were detained and released from service and convicted of 10 years of forced labour in a outpost. The declaration states that "three other ranked troops were downgraded to the status of'private', released from the army on a permanent basis and condemned to 10 years of forced labour in a jail in a secluded area".

The 10th of January the army said that the 10 Rohingya men were part of a group of 200 fighters who had assaulted forcibly. Some of the Buddhists in the village were attacking with sword and the others were killed by troops, the army had said. Buddha village residents did not report an assault by a large number of rebels on the Inn Din guard.

Almost 700,000 Rohingya have escaped from the state of Rakhine to the south of Bangladesh since August and have built one of the biggest centres for refugees in the rest of the state.

Burma Tribunal Decides Persecution of Reuters Reporter Can Go to Full Case

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