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Seven Day News Journal. It's good. 7Day News Journal | 7Day Daily Newspaper | Myanmar News Paper. Myanmar: Seven Days News Journal. The 7Day News Journal, the leading weekly newspaper in Myanmar, is available on your gadget.

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Childrens Days are a recognized celebration event for kids, which is held on different days in different nations. Myanmar Ninengantaw:.... the Myanmar way to socialism is an economical essay that censored all publication until today..... Myanmar's Buddhist story probably spans.....

and the Fifth Council was called in Mandalay, Myanmar on the first declining Censorship News Roundup..... 19 July is today in Myanmar as Martyrs' day. bimonthly News Magazine. Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar .... Vikinews has similar news: ....

Travel through Myanmar in 7 days, Travel News

Capture the Myanmar climaxes with this easy-to-understand route. This route will take you to some of Myanmar's most famous sights, such as the famous town of Bagan and the beautiful area around Inle Lake. This website allows you to view the timetables of all national airlines and make reservations via Paypal and Myanmar Payment Union (MPU).

You can also make package deals for daily excursions in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and the Heho area. And the best: Flymya can guarantee even the lowest fares - the site currently handles more than 1,000 reservations per months! Myanmar is the biggest town in Myanmar and there is a lot to do and see!

Start your tour of the Chaukhtatkyi Pagoda (a giant lying Buddha), followed by the Karaweik Hall, a royal swimming boat on the Royal Lake. Naturally, no Myanmar trip is complete without a trip to the glorious Shwedagon Pagoda, so nicely described by W. Somerset Maugham, a famous English playwright: "The Shwedagon is great, glittering with its golden glow, like a glittering sparkle against the mists and fumes of the blossoming town.

" Early from Yangon you fly to Bagan in the early hours of the night to spend a whole afternoon enjoying the sights of this old town. Ascend in the mornings for the second biggest and last Myanmar King's capitol, Mandalay. Upon arrival, rent a chauffeur to take you to Amarapura, also known as the "City of the Immortals", where you can see the 150-year-old Mahagandayon convent, where a thousand friars still live.

Further obligatory activites in Mandalay are the U Bein timber pedestrian crossing, which was constructed over 150 years ago but is still very much in use, a trip to the Dee Doke waterfall and of course an excursion to Mandalay Hill for a panorama look over the town. Following a savoury brunch in the town of Mingun ( "Chapati Stand" on the dates 27 and 82 comes from Lonely Planet), head to Kywezon Pier and board a boat to the old town Mingun.

Approximately one hours away is Mingun, where you can see the Settawya Pagoda, the gigantic Mingun Bell and the Hsinbyume Pagoda, an excellent replica of the mythologic mountain Meru. Ascend to Heho in the Shan State area. We continue to Nyaung Shwe, a small city at the north end of Lake Inle.

Cruise the stunning Inle Lake, where you can see the famed one-legged oarsmen and other indigenous farming and townlife. This quiet cruise also takes you to various craft businesses where you can see cigarmakers, jewellers, craftsmen, weavers, smith and shipbuilders.

Rise early and light for a day trip to Indein, an hour's car ride away, to see the stunningly gorgeous Bagan and Shang shaped rafters constructed a few hundred years ago. In the afternoons you will fly back to Yangon. When you want to take a rest from sight-seeing, why not take a walk through the city centre and go to the huge Bogyoke Market.

As you return to busy Yangon, take the chance to enjoy as much of the city' s road meal as possible before driving to Yangon International Airport for your home game.

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