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The CEO of 7 Days News Journal, Thaung Su Nyein, is the son of Win Aung, former foreign minister of the Myanmar government. Seven Day News Journal. It's good. Myanmar Buy 7 Days: 7Day News Journal started on March 7, 2002. It' has constantly improved its appearance, the quality of its reporting, its writing, its collection of articles and its news.


The Naga New Year is an annual celebration at Naga Croptime. The three Naga cities Leshi, Lahe and Namyun hold it. Fiestas have been organised in Leshi and Lahe for the last 7 years, as Namyun is the most challenging place to reach them. But the Naga clan species take part in their gracious New Year wherever it is known.

The majority of the clan come to the area of the fair by going for several days with their own food for the round tour. Have Kachin tradition lunches and Kachin paddy wines at the motel. Your 4×4 off-road adventures begin after midday and continue to Tanai along Ledo Rd (formerly known as Stilwell Rd, which the Western Allies built in 1942 to serve the Chiang Kai-shek China armies).

Arrive in Tanai in the early afternoon, diner and overnight stay in guesthouses. Early in the morning we head to Shinbweyan along Ledo Road. Packed lunches are provided in Shinbweyan. Proceed with your trip to Namyun. Overnight at the Naga Traditional Style Guesthouse in Namyun.

They' ll be watching World War II. Remains along Ledo Road. After arriving in Pansaung, the first place to live in Myanmar on Ledo Road, take a brief stroll to the Lake of No Return (Nawng Yang in Myanmar, the historic nature pond just outside Pansaung) and sample the packed luncheon.

Enjoy the free day around the pond and come back to Namyun as planned. Overnight stay in Namyun. Shortly after breakfasts, the Naga Ceremonial Pole will be set up on the site and various Naga Clan in all their costume will be there to take part in the only celebration of the year.

In the afternoon you have the option of exploring the nearby towns or the Namyun city on your own, enjoying local sporting activities or enjoying your free time. Overnight stay in Namyun. Naga New Year's official opening ceremony starts early in the mornings.

Indulge in our local specialities, enjoying our local dishes and our local wines with the oldest members of the Naga people. Afternoons are a unique opportunity to observe the First Annular Solar Eclipse of 2010, whose centre line runs almost through the Naga Hills. In the evenings, by a big campfire, everyone can join in and welcome the Naga New Year with a dance around the campfire.

An early buffet breakfasts is provided to get out of the Naga festival area. On the way, you' ll be able to see the stunning mornings of the Naga Mountains and the Mt. Stop in Shinbweyan for a packed luncheon. Overnight at the Tanai. Arrive in Myitsone, the famed scenic place where Maykha and Malikha gather for a powerful Ayeyarwaddy River and where packed lunches are provided.

Hopefully you had a pleasant journey of adventures with Diamond Palace Travel & Tours and we look forward to seeing you at the next Naga New Year Festiva.

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