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Main page " Area " News. | 7Day News Journal | 7Day Daily Newspaper | Myanmar News Paper. You can read online the free 7-day daily newspaper in Burmese (???

??) from Myanmar : Asia. The newspaper has been distributed free of charge every day since 7 May. Download The Voice Daily, Vol-6/No-7 ( Apr).

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The 7Day News Journal is a premier Myanmar business, economic, political and general news journal with the highest caliber news and event from Myanmar and around the globe. The 7Day News Journal was launched on March 7, 2002. It' has constantly improved its appearance, the way it reports, writes, collects news and writes.

The 7Day News Journal has slowly won a growing number of faithful readers throughout the state. The 56 pages of the 7Day News Journal contain a wealth of news and interesting essays for everyone, be it economic news from Myanmar, global affairs, the planet or the arts. Highlights der Nachrichtensessions sind Home, Life, Health, Education, Busines, Commodity Watch, Features, Artikel, Opinion, IT & Communication, Real Estate, ASEAN News, Advertisement & Classified, Environments, Tourism, Cartoons and Puzzle, und so weiter.

The weekly edition of the 7Day News Journal in Myanmar is over 160,000 in all. The 7Day Daily Newspaper was launched on April 25, 2013. The daily print run of 7Day Daily Newspaper in Myanmar is over 50,000 pieces. Together a publié 32 pages dans le journal quotidien 7 jours sur l'actualité mondiale, l'actualité économique, l'actualité régionale et internationale, l'actualité du divertissement, le sport et la vie, les opinions, les dessins animés et les dossiers spéciaux.

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The 7Day News Journal (7Day Daily News), the premier daily in Myanmar (Burmar), on your Android. The 7Day News Journal (7Day Daily News) has been one of the most widely reading daily papers in Myanmar (Burmar) for 10 years.

Whereever you are in the oceans, you can now find the latest news, business stories, news stories, trend and life-style feature stories like those in Myanmar (Burmar). The celebrated reporting of 7Day News includes:

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