52 states of America

Fifty-two states of America

An alphabetical list of the 50 US states, along with the flag of each state: Click on the country you are interested in to see the information: United States of America. District of Columbia is a federal district, not a state. There are many lists containing DC and Puerto Rico, resulting in 52 "states and other jurisdictions".

Alphabetic list of 50 countries

Click on the country you are interested in to see the information: Timezone: Specify the timezone(s) of the individual states. A number of countries cover more than one timezone. Border states: Lists of the neighbouring states of each state. Natural parks: Lists of protected areas for each state.

2015 Government population: Estimate for each state in 2015, using U.S. census figures. They can also find information on the 2010 state populations, the 2005 state populations and the 2000 state populations. National density: Fifth top 5 towns (population 2010): Top 5 towns for each state, according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

statehood: U.S. senators: Listing of USenators from every state. Representatives from each state. Government senators: Number of state governors, usually the higher house of state legislatures. Lists of the members of the lower house of the Land legislator. Coaches in every state belonging to the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL).

Schools of NCAA Division I: NCAA Division I institution lists for each state. Lists the most important family-friendly attractions in the country, depending on the number of searches. You can use this checklist as a point of departure if you want to travel to this state and know where to go.

Lists of celebrities who have been borne in every state. These include Nobel Prize laureates, President of the United States, Famers gymnasium, actor and singer.

Fifty-one or 52 United States?

There are many who remember the United States, 51 or 52 of them, not 50. Reminiscences are quite solid and involve Puerto Rico as a state. A schoolteacher' s daugther said she clearly remembers her mom educating pupils that Puerto Rico was one of the 52 states.

So is this a mere puzzlement or a look at another geographical area in another time stream? It is not only a reminder but also a curious accident. I' ve for many years thought there were 52 states in America. and to see how many time 52 is answered!

I come from Portugal, and I thought there were 52 states in America! Thought there were 52 states in America. As Jasper Allen (in the UK) said: "I was also educated at college that America has 52 states. fifty-two states (I am European), etc. àragami agreed: miss_fionna said:

Alaska was number 51 (although at that time I only recall that it was 50, and that was over ten years ago. I, too, seem to have a blurred mind of 52 states. All of a sudden it was 50 at some point, and I recall that I thought..... "I know" that it was 52.

and for some strange reasons I could have sworn that 52 states have a family. On the other hand, David (who has an alternative Mandela memory) affirmed disorientation about the states: It is because there has been much discussion about Puerto Rico becoming a state, which would have been the 51 st..... but it has not yet been.

Also I also recall that my mom always said 52 states instead of 50 when I grew up and became angry because she was a schoolteacher and that is such a public knowledg. Among the admirers who recall being informed about 52 states, recall the other two? said miss_fiona:

There was a dispute with our instructor about the number, I recall, because I had been told that there had been fifty until then. She said Hawaii was the 51 st state, but I don't recall what she said was the 52 nd state. And Hoss enumerated the 52 states as he recalled them, even Puerto Rico and D.C.: Well, I think the one: the issue is real:

Has Puerto Rico already become a state in an alternative time line? Or is that just disorientation about counties, territory and states? Notice: Any comment that says that there really are 50 states in this time stream will be canceled. That is precisely why 51 or 52 states appear like an abnormality and it is therefore interesting to discuss on this website.

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