5 Star Hotels in Yangon Myanmar

Accommodation in 5 star hotels in Yangon Myanmar

The majority of the 5 star hotels in Burma are international chain hotels and are located only in Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. Inle Inle Inle Lake Aureum Palace Burma 5. The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Yangon Burma. We are proud to be the largest collection of boutique hotels in 11 destinations in Myanmar today. An all-new, modern 4-star hotel group that appeals to discerning business and leisure travellers who want to make more out of their stay.

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These 5-star hotels in Yangon are all leaders in environmental and recreational amenities and offer the best accommodation services in Yangon. In order to make sure you find the newest 5-star Yangon hotels, we offer the latest rates as well as resort amenities and indoors.

Meanwhile, you will see detailled photographs of the 5-star Yangon property so you can quickly see if the hotel's interiors suit your tastes. Also, you can know certain locations and ratings on Yangon 5-star resort by billions of people. To find a suitable Yangon 5-star room with a small amount of money, please search by room name.

In order to make sure you can find the best Yangon 5 star resort, user and we give a complete review on resort that gives useful help. Whether you believe it or not, as the largest on-line tour operator, we have the best security services and the best user interface to satisfy your needs in various ways, whether it is a Yangon or a Yangon 5-star resort.

The top 6 of the best 5 star hotels and resorts in Yangon, Myanmar

The hunt for a great holiday in busy Yangon, one of Myanmar's cheapest tourist destinations, seems to be the shared goal of a number of visitors from all parts of the globe. When you are from the same location, you should refer to this paper - your troubleshooter focusing on the best 5 star hotels and resort in Yangon for moredetail.

When you are looking for a heaven of tranquillity in a cramped Yangon, The Strand is definitely the place to be. Using the old but contemporary decoration, the customer might have the feeling that the story whispered out of the walls in such an astonishing palace. This is why most of our guests remain in this resort in total luxury and unbelievable contentment during their stays.

Perhaps the only pity they have is to have to flee this beautiful paradise sooner than they would like. The Chatrium Royal Lake Yangon is not only a luxury resort, but also promises the traveller an incredibly beautiful Yangon city. At this great place, clients remember a past time with the help of colorful architecture.

Welcome to the heaven of statesmanship in old Yangon, the Novotel Yangon Max. To stay in such a contemporary and high standard accommodation is without a doubt a great option. Therefore, a stay in this brightly lit establishment is a wise move for clients who only consider things great and great. Although it is a new opened Yangon establishment, Melia Yangon is considered one of the most worthwhile hotels in Yangon.

It all sounded so perfectly planned that clients could find no other way but to fall in fond of such a luxury but private home. They say that the Savoy Hotel Yangon is the place where you are transported back in an age.

The Savoy Hotel is certainly the place where visitors can look for tranquility in a Yangon with clogged automobiles and noises. Perhaps the sense of letting your mind wander is the emotion that can be felt in other places in the town, except in this truly marvellous place. In addition to the modernisation facilities and recreation and recruitment facilities, our clients enjoy the well-trained and happy staff.

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