5 Star Hotels in Bagan Myanmar

Hotels 5 stars in Bagan Myanmar

See travel reports, snapshots and prices for 6 luxury hotels in Bagan, Myanmar. BaBagan lookout tower, Min Nanthu Village, Nyaung Oo, Bagan, Myanmar, map. 13936 travelogues, 12335 snapshots and hotel rates in Bagan, Myanmar. Stylish budget midrange luxury lodge hostel romantic family friendly business resort hotelAny. 5 Best value of 141 places to stay in Bagan.

Top 10 2-Star Hotels in Bagan

There are 5 of the most frequented hotels that have been reserved in the last hour: At Hotels.com you will find a number of two-star hotels that provide good standard comforts at low rates and give you the opportunity to cut costs on your accomodation. There are several kinds of 2-star accommodations that you can use in combination with free breakfasts or car parks to personalize your time.

Our Bagan accommodations make it simple to find the 2-star property that best fits your needs. In Bagan the standard room costs: 33/night, but there is no need to spend so much on it. Hotels.com makes it simple to make savings on every book. Our price guarantee applies to most of our reservations.

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NiceĀ - Review of Arthawka Hotel, Bagan, Myanmar

We' d be glad to be in the foyer and waiting for a proper cheque in a while. The breakfast was part of the meal and was provided in the dinning room directly at the front desk. Booking our cruise to Mandalay and arranging a cab to take us to the canal.

They also made us a take-away lunch for our journey up the stream, which was very useful for an early board. After a strenuous workday, the swimming area was a nice, quiet place to relax in the temple, although we didn't really go into the swimming pools. We' ve got our two consecutive nights from a man as you turn out of the motel on the other.

Located just outside New Bagan, which seemed to be the most tranquil area, but certainly not out of range of all to do.

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