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Burmese Harp (1956) Waziya Kino November 11, 4 pm. 192Cabaraye Pagoda Road, Yangon (Rangoon) 11011, Myanmar. Children resulting from a Myanmar security rape campaign are often given away. On 5 April, the Ministry issued a statement stating that this was not the case. The Myanmar Motion Pictures Museum, Yangon:

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Myanmar's Top 5 Destinations for 2018

Have you had enough of Myanmar's most beloved sights? We' ve asked the Sampan Travel staff to identify the five best travel locations in the UK to make 2018 the most exciting year yet. Passengers can take a rail from Kachin's Myitkyina to Hopin and from here a motorcycle taxicab or collective transport.

Nowhere else in Myanmar are there as many as in Chin State, where red brick walls stand on the hill instead of gleaming rams. Travelers can climb Chin's highest summit, Mt Victoria-Nat Ma Taung in Burma, Khaw Nu Thone in Chin-Dialekt. From the run-down city of Mindat, which is enriched with dense Chin-Caffee ( "best with a piece of lime"), travelers can climb the rhododendron-filled Mt Victoria-Nat Ma Taung in Burma.

In one of the cabins you can climb down to Kanpetlet to eat a dish of mitun flesh and break your living with fearless bird watchers in search of black-naped spotted birds and Chin Hill's fencing voice. From Pakokku near Bagan to Mindat and Kanpetlet there are buses and mini buses every day.

Kyaing Tong Palazzo, once a regal city of the Tai Royals, was torn down by the junta in 1991, and in its place is now a motel overlooking the tranquil Naung Tung Lake. Situated in the centre of the Golden Triangle, you can walk up the nearby mountains and experience the diversity of nationalities.

Travelers can encounter the Akha, the Lahu and the Eng; the latter's arrive in the towns is announced by the screams of rag cubs in the tree, skidding, which are skilfully put into their shaggy pants. In addition to travel via Tachileik on the Thai frontier, there are connections from Mandalay and Heho.

No merchandising stores and restaurant serve pizzas and iced paiquiris, but travelers can sneak into the town for a glass of Grand Royal and a glass of Paphet Toke. From Ngwe Saung you can also ride your motorcycle along the coastline. On the outskirts of Inle, Lonely Planet described Nyaung Shwe as Myanmar's only real back packer-nabe.

And Dawei seems to be the second in the state. The city has been a pure means for travelers to reach the nearest beach for some years now, but it is timely that Dawei itself is considered a rewarding city. Sleepy travelers can watch the sun set over a glass of glass of glass of wine on the' Health Road' after a swim in the water pools near by and a jump from a waterfall.

Yangon-Dawei has regular departures. Reciprocity Travel is a travel agency located in Yangon that organizes tailor-made tours through Myanmar.

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