48 Hours in Yangon

Forty-eight hours in Yangon

Kick off to Bangkok, grab your Hong Kong skyscrapers, there's an adorable old kid on the block, and it excites travelers from all over the world. Learn how to get the most out of the 48 hours in Myanmar's former capital. The Jetstar offers great non-stop rates between Singapore and Yangon. Carruthers dares to Myanmar to guide you for 48 hours in Yangon through some of the most important sights of the former capital. From Bangkok Airways flight # PG 710 Mandalay-MDL to Bangkok-BKK - 48 hours in Bangkok.

What is the best way to stay 48 hours in Yangon, Myanmar?

so you' re just passin' through. These are our proposals for spending 48 hours in the pulsating town of Yangon, Myanmar. Each Yangon tour should be an excursion to Shwedagon Pagoda. You' ll enjoy the chilly stone flooring, and hopefully you'll see the bright turquoise skies against the gold flooring.

Take a few pictures here, explore and contemplate for a few hours if you like. Then drive to People's Parc, especially if you are with kids (or just want to feed your inner child): there is a large theme area with attractions that are quite inexpensive. After lunch we continue to Bogyoke Market for some tasty soups and maybe a cup of shan noodle.

You will find here a lot of fruits and glues. Go further in and you will find stands that sell all kinds of souvenir items, from gold-coloured scarves and marionettes to T-shirts and praying pearls, many things that will bring back memories of your Yangon days. Here you spent a few hours researching the materials and visiting some of the more famous stores like Yangoods.

Drive into the city centre and stroll around Chinatown, then drive to the area near Pansodan Road to buy works of arts and music. Experience the atmosphere of Yangon city centre, full of intoxicating scents and lively attractions. The city centre of Yangon is intriguing because there may be a chapel, a mosque, a synaagogue and a sanctuary, all within easy reach on foot.

When you feel adventuresome, there are a few clairvoyant palmists at the cloakroom. Head back to 19 st for grilled meats, veggies and cheaper beers. Take a dish of dumplings (rice pasta and seafood soup) from a roadside stand, then begin your breakfast with a trip to Kandawgyi Lake before it gets too warm.

While there are a few sights on the shore of the park, it is a wonderful place to relax for the mornings, maybe take a look at the park and mini-forests that you might find while touring. Then you can go for a pick nick or visit the Karaweik Restaurant or one of the many caf├ęs along the road.

There you will find a shop selling dollars, icecream and other funny finds. When you have discovered the beautiful scenery of the city, go back to the water. Dine in one of Yangon's many fashionable dining places. Yangon's night life is flourishing, and it seems that every months many new areas are developing full of eateries and inns.

No matter what you select, you will see a side of Yangon that you would not have expected at first sight.

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