36 Hours in Yangon

Thirty-six hours in Yangon

Thirty-six hours in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma). From Yangon the overnight trip was an adventure in itself. Hi LP'ers can be bestowed a thousand blessings and virtues on you, should you be able to help. The top 10 restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar's capital. Ranging from beautiful colonial villas to cheap hole-in-the-wall dinners and some great roof bars.

I wish we had 48 hours to get to know the city in one workday.

Aren't you happy Myanmar is open to the outside wide again? Yangon, Myanmar's business and art center, does not only attract investment. Yangon is visited by several hundred travelers to get to know the Myanmar region's peagodas, cuisine, cultures and customs. And I like the exquisite blend of colorful rural houses and typical Myanmar architectural style. After Myanmar re-opened, new eateries, stores and facilities were built.

If you have less than two working nights, please stay on my route to Yangon. Mohinga is the "national dish" of Myanmar, a meal of thin pasta in a seafood stock. In Yangon city centre there are many stores and stands specialising in this area.

Maha Bandula is a great base for taking full advantage of your Yangon holiday as this popular theme area is set in important monuments such as the Sule Pagoda, Yangon City Hall and High Court. Come by the father's office for luncheon and taste Lahpet (Burmese tea leaf salad) - a popular home-cook.

Lahpet here is also dressed with Burmese balachaung, a spice made with roasted onion, prawns, cloves, garden cloves, chili. At the end of the day, after a satisfactory dinner, drive to Shwedagon Pagoda, an event you cannot get out of without a visitor. 4.00 pm is a good season to go to the Shwedagon Pagoda, as you can see the multitude of followers and friars who wash the sculptures, offer flower, worship and meditate before you light the candles in the evenings.

There is a magic atmosphere in the atmosphere of the silhouette when 1,000 lights were lighted during the night. For more information about the Shwedagon Lagoda click here. Business hours: SHWEDAGON is open 24 hours a day on the following dates - (1) Growing Tabaung Law Firming Sunday - the date before the full lunar Monday of Tabaung (around March) and (2) Growing Wakhaung Law Firming Sunday - the date before the full lunar Monday of Wakhaung (around June, the beginning of Buddhist Lent).

Even though Myanmar's main food is Mahinga, the local people seem to be eating a great deal of it. It' a delicious meal for supper. Typical Burma curries include a large lettuce bowl, a lightly acid syrup, a vegetable ketchup, shrimp samba, dry meats or seafood and some veg.

I have many varieties of Myanmar terrine, but pig terrine is my favorite. It is the shortage of coir currys that distinguishes Burma from most South East Asia cocos. Teahouse is a Myanmar fashion and the natives are mad about their teas (just like some of us in Singapore for coffees or copies).

Just as we Singaporeans, kopi-o-gau, copi siev diamai, copi si kozong and more order, the Burmese have their own extensive way of ordering teas. For a glimpse of the life style of Myanmar's locals, visit Bogyoke Aung San Mark, formerly known as Scott's Mar. Business hours: 30 am to 5 pm (opening hours for some stores may vary).

And who says you can't get the best of Yangon when you don't have enough tim? Hopefully this route will be useful for those of you who will be travelling to Myanmar soon.

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