3 Star Hotel in Yangon Myanmar

Hotel 3 Stelle Yangon Myanmar

3 Best value of 451 overnight accommodations in the Yangon region. You will find 3434 travelogues, 3137 snapshots and prices for 5 star hotels in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar. 3 Best value of 452 places to stay in Yangon (Rangoon). The Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon offers the latest international 5-star facilities and services in Myanmar. The G-Star Hotel is a 3-star hotel only 2.

8 km from the Myanmar Gems Museum.

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Each of these 3-star Yangon hostels is a leader in environmental and recreational amenities and offers the best in Yangon accommodation services. In order to make sure you find the newest 3-star Yangon resort, we offer the latest rates as well as resort amenities and indoors.

Meanwhile, you will see detailled photographs of the Yangon 3-star resort so you can quickly see if the hotel's interiors suit your tastes. You can also know peculiar situation and ratings on Yangon 3-star resort by million of people. To find a suitable Yangon 3-star resort, please search by room rate and city.

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Where are the most of Yangon's top three stars located? There are 263 Natmauk Road buildings, 40 of which have the highest number of three stars in Yangon. Which kind of real estate can be booked in Yangon? There are 198 guesthouses, 26 b&b's, 7 hostels, 4 guesthouses, 3 apartments/condos, 1 motel for book.

Where are Yangon's favourite 3-star resorts?

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