24 Hours in Yangon

24-hours in Yangon

These are our suggestions on how you can be enchanted within 24 hours. Yangon's nightlife, after years of slackness, begins to unfold. They are open 24 hours a day, just like the market itself. These are some suggestions on how to see the best of Yangon within 24 hours. These are our suggestions for spending 48 hours in the vibrant city of Yangon, Myanmar.

24-hours in Yangon

You only have one in Yangon and want to see everything possible? and settle in New Bagan. Yangon is often missed as a rewarding target in comparison to the remainder of Burma (Myanmar), especially in comparison to the thousand of Bagan Temple or the Inle Lake fishermen village.

Nevertheless, Yangon can fascinate travelers. These are our proposals on how you can be bewitched within 24 hours. You have to see Shwedagon Pagoda. Best thing about getting up early in Yangon (Rangoon) is that its breakfasts are excellent. Below a downstairs dish of traditionally brewed Mahinga with a thick milky infusion and maybe some lamb red or green beans pallata at Lucky 7 Teestube on 49th Street, just off Anawratha Road.

Lucky Flower, on Bo Gyoke Aun San Road, just south of Pansodan River is a similar but less impressive tea shop. When you have finished your meal, get on the Yangon Circle Train and take your cameras with you. Step back and take the full bend that takes you back to Yangon Main Railway Stations or hop off at Dinghy to travel through a nearby fairground before calling a cab to the next stop of the night.

Around the Sule Pagode a Mosque, a Town Council and a Kolonial Buildings are gathered. A lot of folks have a tendency to sit and watch the sun set to go to the Shwedagon pit, but today we have other schedules for the sundown. Refrigerated tiling and shady shading give the hottest days a colder feeling, and with the multitudes waiting for the sun to set, a daytime tour provides a more personal encounter with this iconic Burmese Buddhist icon.

Return to the city centre for luncheon and try some local Chinese cuisine at the Anawratha Road near Anawratha Street. There is also the Nepalese Grocery Centre in the lower part of Bo Soon Pat Street or a delicious dish of Shan pasta in the Lucky Star Tea House on the eastern side of Independence Monument.

At Yangon Central Train Station sold a lady desktops on her skull. Whereever you choose to dine, you are in the best location for a stroll in the city centre. Hike around and no matter which way you go, stop at the Independence Monument, from where you can see the Sule Pagoda in the centre of the roundabout, encircled by a Sunnite mosque, a Shia Moque, the Town Hall, the Emmanuel Baptist Church, the old High Court old settlement and the Country Grabs that have tented for the whole of 2014 - next to gleaming, contemporary tower offices that stand above everything.

Every edifice represents a certain period and a certain place in Yangon's story. One never knows what one will come across on a stroll in Yangon. On foot or by cab, you will want to end at Botataung Steg in the south-east of the city centre. When you are ready (and must make an advance booking), you can hop aboard a Rangoon River Solar Break.

At any time you can stop in Botataung Paya itself, one of the three most revered Yangon marinas, and enjoy the sundown from the tea house or brewery directly in front of the docks. However tempting it may be to get a dish of roasted brown biscuits at the pier restaurant, restrain yourself for a better (and cleaner) meal.

When the long days of going out leave you wanting a sophisticated environment and some westerly dining, drive to the Union Bar (Downtown on Strand Road) for a cozy climate control, or back to the Vista Bar in Bahan, which provides a breathtaking view of Shwedagon at Night along with good dining; you will find beverages that are expensive for each of these choices.

And if it is your sense of place, go to 19 Street Chinatown for a barbeque and draught beers. Pork and goats on 19 st in Chinatown. Be sure to go through the Mahabandoola overnight shopping mall to get there, and once you turn into 19 th street you will have a whole bloc full of sellers and caterers.

The keg beers flow smoothly and cheaply, and the kebabs each have their own spice.

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