2016 Public Holidays in Myanmar

20156 Holidays in Myanmar

National Holidays of Myanmar in 2016. Holidays 2016 in Myanmar are as follows: 01, 04-01-2016, Monday, Independence Day. 10 January, Kayin New Year's Day. Montag, January 4th, Independence Day.

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Holidays in Myanmar 2016- National Holidays in Burma

The Burma Holiday Schedule 2016 is presented here along with the schedule of all celebrations and holidays in Burma. Learn more about the holidays in Burma 2016. Myanmar Holiday Agenda 2016 - Holidays and celebrations are part of our cultural, traditional and national heritage. Every nation has its own cultural and traditional heritage, which is mainly mirrored in the celebrations of a year.

Several of these celebrations and holidays are also used to celebrate the birthdays of a sacred holy person or god. Deadlines for these celebrations change constantly in a year. Part of the religion is the sifting of the moon. The following is a list of the events for the celebrations in Burma.

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I am planing a journey to Myanmar (and Laos & Chiang Mai) in the last December 2017 and/or the first January 2018 weeks. - Basement on my Google sleuthing, I believe 12/25 and 1/4 are statewide holidays. - Is it a public holiday on 30.12. and 31.12.? - Is nearly all of our shops, bars, restaurants and tourist sites open on all domestic holidays?

Thanks, and although 30/12/17 and 31/12/17 are considered New Year's Day, practically everything is open, on 18, 25, 30 and 31 December is a holiday. Part of the station is shut down, the remainder is open. Shops and diners are usually open on weekends.

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